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I chaired a Complaints Panel last night and it is almost certainly the last one I will be involved in before the elections.  Subject to what others decide over the next couple of months it could be my last one?

It is always a good idea to look back briefly and consider what has gone well and not so well.  If I was to produce a list of the best and most important five things I have done as a Lead Member since 2006, the creation of this panel would most certainly feature.  I wrote a piece about it on Conservative Home – here.

Whilst I was angry at the terrible legacy that my predecessor left me and the bad reasons the previous adminstration gave against this panel being set up (I first suggested it when in opposition), credit is due to the Labour Group for being part of this, especially the likes of Councillor Vaught who have made a great contribution to the success.  Others have also done really well, amongst them Councillors Gill Hutchison, Barbara Harris, Peter Hills, Shirley Fisher, Sam Hearn, Councillor Andy Morgan-Watts, Linda Nakamura and Paul Lynch

This goes to prove that implementation is sometimes more important than the idea and execution is more important than the strategy.

Another example of a brilliant turnaround!

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One Response to “Complaints Panel”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    The complaints panel has in my view been a tremendous success story. Many of those who have used it have been pleasantly surprised by the attention their complaints have received at the end of what has often been a less than satisfactory initial process.

    Prior to the establishment of the new system I had only urged pursuing complaints in certain cases as there was often a view that it was a lot of hard work and effort leading to inevitable disappointment. The member panels have truly changed all that.

    Mark, you once said at Borough Council that we as a local authority like and encourage complaints. Whilst I understand what you meant and for what it’s worth share your view, it took courage to say it. The practice of discouraging complaints and then bragging afterwards about how few have been forthcoming or at least upheld was an unpleasant feature of the previous administration.

    Well done to you Mark, and also to everyone who has been involved with the panels and made them work.

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