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I went for a walk this afternoon and took a large number of pictures.  Unfortunately, the settings were wrong so I went back later on as it was getting dark so hoping that these pictures are sufficient.  It is true that I do not walk this area as much as I do Feltham Park, partly because Feltham Park is where I take my children.

There is quite a lot to report and I am really glad that I took a look and kicking myself for not having done so for a while.

1) Graffiti

Unfortunately not great quality but sufficient for capturing the problem.  There is a major one by the river from the Frank Towell Court Garages all the way to New Road:

The above is clearly a big problem & will be a big job, but it is one that it needed.

2) River

My personal view is that it is not as bad as I feared, though there is room for improvement (3rd, 4th and 5th pics were the worst I saw):

3) Litter/flytipping

Along the river not as bad I as feared.  Here is the worst bit:

Where there are greater problems are (i) the alley begining at Helen Avenue, which I have already reported and placed pictures on the blog, (ii) rear of Shaftesbury Avenue & (iii) Feltham Arena carpark.

Some pictures:

(ii) rear of Shaftesbury Avenue

The other side was not too bad in terms of litter:

What is clear about the above, as it is between Helen Avenue and New Road and as it on the land between Station Estate Road and New Road is that the problem is worst within the nooks and crannies.  On open space it is not as bad.

(iii) Feltham Arena carpark

This is a mess.  Here are some pics:

4) Open Spaces

This is very positive and Continental are on top of grass cutting.

Land between Shakespeare Avenue, Burns Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue is one that is an improvement:

By Helen Avenue:

Blenheim Park also looked fine but I do not have a picture.

5) On my way home

Tagging outside 70 Shakespeare Avenue:

Damaged footway on corner outside 152 Burns Avenue:

Tagging on streetsign:

Litterpick needed between 90 and 124 Burns Avenue:

Tagging outside 127 Shaftesbury Avenue:

A lot to report and will be done in the morning.

If anyone reading this (and this applies to any other posting also) has any digital pictures, please feel free to send them and I will consider uploading them also.

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4 Responses to “Glebelands walk about”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    The problem with the Longford is indeed not as bad as one might fear and the river itself is relatively clear and tranquil- you don’t seem to see so many dumped supermarket trolleys for instance these days. Maybe the lockable wheels devices actually help?
    Where it is so frustrating is the “banks and freeboard” of the river, as the Royal Parks signs so quaintly put it. I wonder what your opinion is, Mark. of the Tory Group on the GLA and the mayoralty’s proposal to get control of London’s Royal Parks passed to them. This would then of course include the Longford River (though I wonder where it would leave the small part of it which falls outside Greater London).

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Hear hear to what you say on the lockable wheels (and the deposit).

    “I wonder what your opinion is, Mark. of the Tory Group on the GLA and the mayoralty’s proposal to get control of London’s Royal Parks passed to them.”

    If I do not get a satisfactory response on current enquiries involving the Rivers Longford, Crane and Duke of Northumberland, I will be a very strong supporter.

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following in relation to the defect at 152 Burns Avenue:

    “An inspection was undertaken on the 19th March 2010 of the above location.

    During inspection a defect was identified and orders have been issued to Councils contractor for any defects that have exceeded our intervention level and would be regarded as dangerous. ( Job number 51683)

    It is estimated that the above works will be completed within a four week timescale.”

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following in relation to the graffiti near the river:

    “Frank Towell Court Garages to New Road, Bedfont – I need to locate ownership of this land as the properties are managed by Hounslow Homes. As well as this, there are issues with vehicle access and health and safety. I will keep you updated with the progress on this.”

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