Feltham Park this afternoon

I realise that some may see me as a broken record when it comes to my excitement on parks but the standards have shot up beyond recognition.  I took my kids out for a bit this afternoon.  Very little to report and most importantly no tagging on any of the equipment:

And the pond is looking really really good:

Next to no litter:

I will find out why the gate to the tennis court is open (pond side):

The first court, I saw had a defect that I will ask to be repaired before we get the tennis weather:

I will report the last two in the morning.


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4 Responses to “Feltham Park this afternoon”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Lovely photos of the park play equipment, Mark. Perhaps you’re with me, being of the same age group, in thinking “why didn’t we have such fun things to play on when we were kids?”

    My early memories of Feltham Park are of just swings, roundabouts, perhaps a rocking horse- and a slide, which a bigger boy came down behind me on when I was about four and thus kicked me in the head. While no damage was done, it did make me very wary of slides for many years! I love the pictograms on the play equipment- both fun and informative.

    I haven’t had as close a look at the pond as you, so I’ll reserve judgment. But, as I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere already (another broken record?), the lack of floral decoration around the park as a whole, not just in the pond area, is a little disappointing. It would be nice to have a (relatively) quiet place to sit and contemplate and just enjoy nature- as is the case on Feltham Green, for instance. Compared to other nearby boroughs, I feel Hounslow often falls down on its ornamental gardens.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    PS: Just a suggestion. Perhaps Continental Landscapes could provide an information board with some information about the history of the pond and surrounding area. The pond was ormerly the carp pond to the house Clymping Dene, which gave its name to the road beside the park. Clymping Dene was the former home of the James Herriot of his time, a vet called Buster Llewellyn Lloyd-Jones. He founded the Dene’s pet food company and his heyday in Feltham was during the second world war. I know this info from reading his books (I’m too young to have known him personally!) but many other younger locals might not. It would be nice to see something about this in the park, similar to the local history boards in Hounslow, and the (slightly inaccurate) board by Bridge House pond.

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have already asked whether something can be done in terms of adding flowers. From my perspective, when I was the first elected in 2002, the condition of this pond was a disgrace. It constantly had a thick green surface on the top and I had a real fight to get something done. The surface now looks as clean as a whistle so people would be right to expect me to get excited – I think that the pictures tell a great story.

    With regards to your suggestion about an Information Board, this sounds interesting and I will make some enquiries.

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    Here is the response received today:

    “we will be reviewing the planting schemes in all parks and open spaces over the next year.

    We have missed the bulb planting season, Oct to Dec and also the shrub planting season but we could have an improvement plan for the next planting window in October this year.”

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