Heston House Launch

I went to the above in Vicarage Farm Road during lunchtime today.  One other building has been vacated and works have been carried out here.  I was impressed with the fresh look of the place.  I went along with Councillor Pam Fisher, a trusted friend and colleague.  She can look back at the past four years with a great deal of pride.  A real Champion of those needing Adult Social Care whilst at the same time being very business like and never shirking the decisions needed to cater for future needs whilst striving for value for money.  Without exception, when she has been asked questions in the Chamber, she has been outstanding.

Even today, she took the time to speak with residents and listened carefully to both positive and negative feedback.  One gentleman was less positive and I know that Pam took note and has already followed through by taking these concerns to the right people.

Here are some pictures.  The first couple are of facilities for a hairdresser who comes in regularly to see clients:

One of the communal restrooms, which not only looked clean but is designed in a way that will make it easier to keep clean:

A communal area and small kitchen:


The following captures the extension:

I did not visit the following:

Here is Councillor Fisher about to say a few words to residents, staff and guests – the Mayor went afterwards:

One of the unplanned elements of the visit was a walk around the part of the building where the majority of former Eldridge House (formerly off Hounslow Road) residents now live.  I did not take many pictures but was pleased to see that everyone was happy and settled.  I took a picture of the planned activities:

I am thoroughly glad that I went along and hope to visit again in the future.  I was very impressed and continue to admire the people who work in this area.

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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thanks for the info and pictures about the former Eldridge House residents, Mark. I think many of us who live in nearby roads, who used to see them sometimes in their motorised wheelchairs coming by to watch the world go by on Hounslow Road, were concerned to know how reisdents had fared after Eldridge House closed.

    Some of us can remember that home being built, or at any rate, visiting it after Cubs on a December evening after carol singing. The proceeds that we gave to the warden, probably were less than the value of the chocolates she gave back to us! It was sad to see it close (and I wonder when the new developments are actually going to happen?), but I’m glad the former residents seem to have facilities which surpass the old ones in Feltham- and they’ve even kept their name. Another very positive mark to Hounslow Social Services, who I also heard praised by a 95-year old temporary resident of Sandbanks the other day.

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