Walk to Hatton Cross this morning

Picked up a few things this morning:

1) The condition of the pavements outside the shops in Harlington Road West again looked excellent and really clean.

2) Some tagging on the following utility box in Harlington Road West (near the traffic light on the junction with Staines Road):

3) Faggs Road being cleaned this morning:

The two men with their brushes and spades were doing an excellent job:

4) Tagging on bin at bus stop outside Tesco (opposite 70 Faggs Road)

5) Faggs Road allotments

I have been really pleased at the reduction in void plots on allotments in the West Area over the past couple of years.  The following looks good:

6) Sweep of pavement needed in Faggs Road (in between junction with Hatton Green and traffic lights)

It is possible that this maybe picked up today along with the other street cleaning going on in Faggs Road, but I will check.

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2 Responses to “Walk to Hatton Cross this morning”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    On the subject of allotments , i have placed my name on the waiting list , but the Hounslow Community Farm Association have 15 plots on the Fagg’s Road site ie; most of them , and these are to be used for the training of delinquent youths in horticultral skills , nice idea but more skunk and cannibis springs to mind , not exactly what the allotment act was put in place for !!!! i also believe that the person behind this group isn’t even a RESIDENT of the Borough ?????

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following:

    “With reference to the Faggs Road Allotment query we can now confirm that the HCFA (Hounslow Community Farm Association) do not have any plots let in the organisations name.

    The 15 lots in question are let to individual tenants, who happen to be members of the HCFA.

    If the gentleman is still on the waiting list, if we had his details we could check where he was on the waiting list.”

    I will email you direct with some further information.

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