Ponds in Feltham (other than Feltham Park)

I keep my eye on the one in Feltham Park almost daily.  It is looking good.

Pond on Feltham High Street

I took a walk down Feltham High Street earlier today and the pond on the High Street looked really nice overall.  Here are some pics:

Still have two things to report.  First is the graffiti by the perimeter of the pond:

And, there was a problem with some litter and other debris at the edge of just one part:

Bridge Pond

This is looking much, much better.  I know that my colleague, Becky Stewart, was on to this.  Glad to see the improvements:

Feltham Park was probably the biggest problem in the past, especially in the first couple of years in my time as a Councillor.  But, as things stand, things are looking better with all ponds.  It is good to see because when well maintained I think that they add real value to the area.

Will report the couple of issues tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Ponds in Feltham (other than Feltham Park)”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Sorry if I seem pedantic, Mark, but it’s the pond on Feltham Green (which, OK, just happens to be on Feltham High Street).

    Few enough places in London boroughs have ‘village’ greens now, that I think we should proudly mention ours as often as possible. Particularly when, as let’s hope shortly will be the case, it bursts into the glorious colours of Spring.

    Continental Landscapes do seem to be doing a good job with our THREE man-made ponds in Feltham- but it would be nice to see a bit more colour and plantings, not just of trees but of traditional flowers such as daffodils, tulips and perhaps even a few bluebells in spring, particularly in Feltham park. The Hounslow Road frontage in particular does seem to be rather devoid of colour most of the year.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I received the following today:

    “we have only received a response from our sub contractors today and it seems they have been having some difficulty with removing the graffiti. They have forwarded a report which reads as follows;

    1. Our 1st plan of action against this graffiti was to remove it with Chemicals. Due to the effect this might have on the environment we only tested it on a small portion for a period of 7 days. Our professional opinion is that this will cause damage to the wildlife.

    2. Our 2nd plan of action was to Jet spray it with water only. This resulted in removing only 10% of the graffiti.

    3. We have also tried scrubbing it with sand paper and wire brushes but noticed this scratches the walls.

    We will need some additional time to figure out a solution for removing the graffiti safely.”

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