Cambria Court yesterday afternoon

No idea why so many cones but will find out:


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I was wondering that too- could it be that the road liners ran out of yellow paint preparing for the CPZ, and this is a temporary solution? 🙂

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Are you sure about that, Mark? There are now new double yellow lines prominently painted down at least part of Cambria Court, and along the carriageway on the eastern side of Hounslow Road.

    I guess the term Controlled Parking Zone is somewhat confusing. It seems that waiting and loading restrictions are now being prominently painted and enforced in Central Feltham, defined for this purpose as roughly the area from Feltham Park to Tesco in the High Street, down part of Bedfont Lane, and along into Hanworth Road as far as The Airman.

    Most of these lines are probably very sensibly placed where they need to be, and where people should not park anyway according to the Highway Code, i.e. within a certain distance of junctions. However, I’m not convinced all of them are, or that they will solve the (commuter?) parking problems in these areas- just displace them.

    Couldn’t a more imaginative solution be found to the area’s parking problems- if there is one? Preferably not involving demolition of the Feltham Feast building 🙂

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    Yes, I am sure that this is not part of a CPZ. The yellow lines were agreed at the junction.

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