Latest in Faggs Road

I have just received the following:

“Further to my email of the 10 February I can now provide an update on these works, although I’m afraid it is not good news as a second collapse has been found!

The contractor has located the sewer, which is at some considerable depth below the carriageway, and will be repairing the first collapse today. It will then take until Sunday to backfill and remove the trench supports.

Once they have backfilled the first excavation they have to start the whole process again on the second collapse. Due to the second location being fairly close to the first they cannot start the second excavation until the first has been backfilled. It will take a further 7-10 days to excavate the second shaft down to the sewer and make the repair. A further 2-3 days to backfill and then 2 days to reinstate the carriageway.

It is anticipated that all of these works will be completed by Sunday 7 March and the road reopened to traffic for Monday 8 March.”

I have certainly seen the difference on other roads as a result of these works e.g. Staines Road & Great West Road.  Local residents – e.g. Hatton Green – will be informed of this latest news

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  1. Patsy Langley Says:

    Dear Mr Bowen,

    Well done on getting things sorted out with Feltham Park. Can anything be done about having the mini recyc;ing centre in Becketts Close cleared on a regular basis? It used to be emptied once a week before SITA took over the contract; now we’re lucky if it’s emptied once every six weeks. Today I witnessed the team arrive in their wagon, make a lot of noise, sit there for 10 minutes and then drive away. I cut my hand badly on cans left inside the full can bin and there’s been acts of vandalism, arson and rubbish dumping around the full bins. Complaints to the recycling team are useless, since they have no powers to force the contrators to empty the site each week. It is an utter disgrace, and residents of the flats in the Close have taken to throwing their recyclables into the normal refuse.

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