Issues around Baber Drive & Hounslow Road

I have received an anonymous letter about three matters:

  1. Dog mess on pavements and grass verge on Hounslow Road between the its junctions of with Baber Drive and Staines Road;
  2. Vehicles such as refuse and fire remain unable to go down Baber Drive.  This is despite the introduction of yellow lines on the junction with Hounslow Road.
  3. Reporting two Houses that are in Multiple Occupation.

With regards to the first and third, I have reported to the relevant department.  With regards to the second, I have asked for this to be looked into.

In addition to 1, I have also written to express concern about dog mess on pavements in The Drive, Beeston Way & Cygnet Avenue.  A couple of residents also raised with me when they saw me out and about.

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3 Responses to “Issues around Baber Drive & Hounslow Road”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Er- I think your correspondent (or you) must mean the junction of Baber Drive and Hounslow Road, Mark. Unless, that is, you are getting confused with Baber Bridge Parade, which does of course have a junction with Staines Road at one end of the service road.

    Baber Drive, on the other hand, has never extended as far as Staines Road!

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have amended the language to make it clearer. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Mark Savage Says:

    Thank you- that is much clearer. I think you will find that the issue of inadequate space for, particularly, emergency service vehicles to pass applies as much to Byward Avenue as to Baber Drive.

    I’ve never quite understood why these roads were built so narrow, though I suppose far less people had cars when they were. But don’t they also have rear access, where some of these vehicles parking on one side of the road could be stored instead?

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