New Trees in Staines Road

Been there a good few weeks now and I keep saying I would take a picture.  This is probably amongst the extra 1000 trees that the administration said it would plant:

I have always thought it a nice sized grass verge and it means we can get the benefit of having new trees but they are sufficiently far enough away from the properties.

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6 Responses to “New Trees in Staines Road”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    A big well done to the council on this subject , let’s hope the local ” untermensch ” can leave them alone !!!!!!

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Very nice for Staines Road, not so nice for the other once pleasant “Avenues” of Feltham, that are largely bereft of street trees now. This is largely, I think, because of over-cautious council staff fearing tree roots will cause heave and slippage in neighbouring properties.

    Oh come on. Isn’t this a bit over-done? How many front and rear gardens have trees goowing in them which cause no problem to householders, even though they are much closer to homes than street trees ever were.

    Or is the sad truth that the borough has just allowed, and encouraged, the sites of former street trees to be replaced by parking spaces.

    Carlton Avenue used to look lovely in early spring, with its display of Japanese cherry trees among others. Indeed, there was a marvellous specimen on the pavement outside my own home. Sadly, I think it was the last. This road now has no street trees at all.

    I can’t believe that, with careful selection of appropriate species and proper care, we couldn’t restore some of the splendour of suburban streets and estates again with street trees. If it’s good enough for neighbouring Twickenham, shouldn’t it be good enough for Feltham too?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      I am not certain what you think is over done?
      As pleased as I am about the 1000 trees promise, I am very aware – through casework experiences – that planting trees in streets like ours would not be popular with everyone. Brentford Councillor, Ruth Cadbury, has posted about this on her blog in the past couple of days.

      I took live in one of the “Avenues” and you do not see many trees there or in neighbouring Buckingham, Gladstone or Shaftesbury.

      This good news for Staines Road need not be at the expense of anywhere else and if residents have suggestions for places to plant trees, they can make them on the following eForm:

  3. Mark Savage Says:

    What I think is overdone is the caution of the council in no longer planting trees on verges in roads where they once stood, because it has been suggested, as I understand it, that they may cause problems in neighbouring front gardens – particularly with ‘heave’ or undermining of house foundations- for which the council might, conceivably, be sued.

    I wonder in how many cases- in Hounslow or any other borough for that matter- this actually happens? Carlton Avenue- and probably when they were built, also Helen Avenue, Shaftesbury Avenue, etc and many of the others in the town- stuck to the traditional definition of an avenue. This is from Wikipedia:

    •Traditionally, an avenue is a straight road with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side, which is used, as its French source venir (“to come”) indicates, to emphasize the “coming to,” or arrival at a landscape or architectural feature. …

    It’s a pity that rather than slender, often blossoming wooden natural sculptures on our streetscape now, the vista that so often greets people is metal, i.e. cars and even worse, vans.- and concrete front gardens. If Chiswick and many other parts of the borough encourage civic pride with tree planting, can’t the whole of Feltham do likewise, Mark?

    Hounslow Road still looks lovely in spring and summer despite the necesssary pollarding of many street trees, as does The Drive. But most of the roads adjoining Hounslow Road, I think many residents would tell you, look a shadow of their former glory, only made worse by front gardens now concreted over.

    The street trees initiative is great, and I would happily fill in the form to suggest at least one replacement one for this road- if I thought it would do any good. I know you’re a very busy man at the moment, but you might like to find out- when you’ve got a spare moment, ha ha- why the council never did replace fine Japanese cherries, like the one that once stood outside my house. Apart from anything else, it is a good way of stopping people parking on the pavement near a road junction, in a far more attractive way than double yellow lines!

  4. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Walked the dog along the Staines Rd tonight and the feral youth have struck already , one silver birch missing the top half completely , this is right by the bus stop at the entrance to Englehart , 1 down more to follow …………………

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