Earlier today

Out for a walk in Feltham North & Bedfont earlier today.  Picked up a few things:

1) Job well done

Two or three weeks ago, I reported a load of rubbish in New Road.  I noticed a few days ago that a brilliant job had been done to remove it – took a picture today and one or two items but so much better than before:

2) Tagging/Graffiti

On New Road (junction with Station Estate Road)

In Staines Road, Bedfont (opposite junction with Burlington Close):

Another in Staines Road, Bedfont (near entrance to Page Road and opposite 2 Fairholme):

Alley between Fairfolme and Motorbike store:

3) More damage to grass verges

Staines Road, Bedfont:

Outside 540 Staines Road, Bedfont:

4) Black bags

Near 211 Staines Road, Feltham:

Will report the above in the morning.

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2 Responses to “Earlier today”

  1. Mark Bowen Says:

    The bags in the final picture had been removed by this morning.

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Grass vege damage outside 540 Staines Rd is usually down to vehicles loading unloading at the Suzki bike shop , bollards springs to mind , yes that was bollards ……

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