Hounslow Road / Hanworth Road Streetworks

I have received the following this afternoon:

“We have been advised that a cable company need to make repairs to a manhole cover on the northeast corner of the A244 Hounslow Road / B3377 Hanworth Road junction. Due to the location of the manhole it will be necessary to turn off the traffic signals and set-up temporary lights. There will be some delay at the junction, but in order to minimise the disruption we have directed the contractor to work this Sunday morning, 14 February. The work should be completed by 12:30pm.”


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One Response to “Hounslow Road / Hanworth Road Streetworks”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thank you for this, Mark. At least I’ve spotted it in time, but why do the cable companies and utility operators never think to consider that actually, some people still want to get to church on a Sunday morning!

    The High Street shops may not open til 11, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been delayed here by roadworks on a Sunday morning. It’s not the works I mind- they have to be done some time, after all- but the lack of advance notice, either by date ahead of the works or distance. The last few times, there has been no warning of works and I’ve spent at least ten minutes waiting in a car, in a journey which by then I could have done quicker by car, turning at the Harlington Road lights, had I known.

    Could not the council be more firm with utility operators on this sort of thing, and of giving notice of works. They’ve obviously told you, Mark- but will they bother to warn ordinary motorists? I doubt it!

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