GMB says Mark Bowen, amongst others, is unrepresentative of SW

To think that I would miss such creative Press Releases like this if there was no such thing as Google.

The Press Release has two flaws:

  1. Most of the Feltham & Heston constituency is TW and none is SW (or I could be kind and simply agree that I am not representative of SW but very representative of TW);
  2. My constituents in Feltham North, whom I have represented to the best of my ability since 2002, have never had a beef with the fact that I am an IT Project Manager. I do not believe that the wider constituency would either. I work for everyone that I represent and my current occupation, just like my gender/race/nationality/football team etc, is of little interest to most people.

According to Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary:

I do not operate in the real world.

So working in IT [for an airline] is not the real world?  Really?

I come from such a thin and well heeled layer of our society.

Things certainly improved for my family growing up when my parents exercised the Right to Buy their Council House.  I am a working class lad and a Llanelli boy who went on to be the first in his family to go to University.  Yes, I am proud to work in IT.  Whether these facts make me part of a well heeled society is open to debate and subject to definition.  I think I have an idea what he is getting at 🙂

I am about the privileged seeking formal control of the country.

Oh, and I suppose I want the ‘right to vote’ to be removed from most people in society also?

He infers that I should get a real job.

Wonder what he thinks of GMB Members who have similar jobs to me and others on the SW unrepresentative hitlist?


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2 Responses to “GMB says Mark Bowen, amongst others, is unrepresentative of SW”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Got mixed feelings about this posting, Mark.
    Firstly, I’ve no beef at all with you being an IT Manager for BA. So what? It’s a laudable profession and its pathetic that GMB should include you in their list of those they choose to slag off for their background.

    More galling than that though is, indeed, their geographical ignorance. I’m sure most people in your constituency hate being lumped in with “South West London”. Our local hospital is the West Middlesex University Hospital. This is, and always has been West Middlesex or, at the very least if you must, west London. Indeed, the Scout Association call this area “Greater London Middlesex West”.

    On the other hand, they do have a valid point I think about so many Tory PPCs and existing MPs coming from ‘privileged’ backgrounds- present company excepted. I think a lot more people might take the Conservative party more seriously when MPs do start coming from the ranks of refuse collectors, ordinarly local government staff and nurses, to take but three arbitrary examples.

    At least in the other part of the borough, the incumbent party certainly achieve that admirably with Ann Keen, whatever other objections one could have to her and her husband. Strangely enough, though,her husband is also an airline worker, so any objection to either his or your background falls flat on GMB thinking.

    It looks as though this election is going to turn nastily on such pathetic matters as class and occupation. What a pity it can’t focus on the real issues that matter. I hope you can have the Informed Talent to know what they really are, Mark, using all your background and experience- but that your potential parliamentary colleagues will also. Sorry, I’m waffling so I’ll shut up!

  2. Mark Fielder Says:

    Pots & kettles come to mind when you see the social background of the current government. More than a few are career politicians, having come up the ranks via assistants, research posts etc. Very little real world experience and it shows. Unions also are quite happy to make use of professionals where required.

    Given the abject failures which plague public sector IT and cost the country billions, an injection of private sector knowledge and experience might not be a bad thing.

    All political parties “parachute in” candidates. I would refuse to vote for such a candidate on principle. I see Ricky Tomlinson is protesting about this up in Liverpool.

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