Westmacott Estate yesterday morning

Only out for two and a half hours yesterday morning as I needed to get to the rugby in the afternoon.  Here are some things to report from yesterday:

1) Graffiti

The first is on the streetlight next to 9 Trevithick Close:

All of the streetlights on the path near 20 Waterloo Close and the way to Jubilee Way (probably other direction too) need attention:

The following is next to 20 Waterloo Close:

Opposite to 23 Waterloo Close:

Outside 22 Stone Crescent:

Side of 36 Stone Crescent:

Side of 48 Stone Crescent:

In Westmacott Drive (opposite junction with Pope Close):

Nice to know that Alisha is popular but still not appropriate tagging.

Near 11 Beattie Close:

View from Beattie Close at the Southville Centre:

On Westmacott Drive (junction with Beattie Close):

On Bedfont Lane (near junction with Ruscombe Way):

Next to 185 Bedfont Lane:

2) Streetsign that needs cleaning

3) Utility cabinet open

Next to 44 Waterloo Close:

4) Missing Traffic Bollard

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Chandlers Close):

5) Land (river?) needing attention

Opposite 237 Westmacott Drive:

I will ask for the ownership to be established and for the area to receive some attention.


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