Rear of other side of Hounslow High Street

Yesterday evening, I was concerned by what I saw.  I was there again this morning so stopped to take some pictures.

The first is opposite 20 Hanworth Road:

The one that caused me the concern yesterday is on Hanworth Road (opposite junction with Inwood Road).  I am not certain what this is the rear of but it is not too far from the rear of HSBC (but I stress that this is not the rear of HSBC) The cars being parked there this morning to some extent hides just how bad it is:

And, finally, the carpark opposite number 2 Inwood Road has a lot of litter on it:

I will report these matters today and ask for urgent attention.

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  1. Linda Davies Says:


    I have to agree this is a sorry sight and it is happen all over the borough!

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