Meadowbank Adult Community Education Centre

Over lunch yesterday, I went to Cranford to attend the official opening of the above.  This new facility is going to benefit a lot of people in Cranford and the areas around them.  I feel a lot of pride about this mainly about the outcomes but also because I have seen the likes of Cllrs Thompson, Andrews, Lynch, Paul Fisher & Lin Davies investing time int making this a success – it proves that this administration has worked for all parts of the Borough, irrespective of how those areas vote at elections.

Here are some pictures, beginning with the pleasant looking exterior:

A well equipped interior:

Very impressive training rooms:

Lovely landscaping at the side:

And, some pictures of the Mayor performing his duties, in typically brilliant fashion – another top notch speech with no notes:

I wish this Centre every success and it will be interesting to see how things are progressing in six months time.

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