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Yesterday morning in Hanworth

January 24, 2010

Spent yesterday in Hanworth and took note of some things that need to be reported.

1) Footway defect on junction of Winslow Way & Ridge Way

2) Dumped bed opposite 45 Winslow Way

3) Tagging on bus stop opposite 3 Saxon Avenue

4) Tagging next to 2 Winslow Way

5) Potholes outside 11 and 25 Winslow Way

6) Tagging in alley to Cottington Road (off Hounslow Road)

7) Lots of litter by Longford River (in Hounslow Road – between numbers 128 & 136)

I will ask that the agency responsible for this land (it is almost certainly not the Council) pay a visit and advise what schedule they have for litter picking here?

8 ) Lots of graffiti in underpass by A316

Lots of work is needed to remove tagging at the above location between Hounslow Road & Bear Road.  Here are some examples:

9) Tagging near The Hollands

The picture does not capture the amount of graffiti very well but it is clear in person and it on the brown wall next to the fence.

10) Boarded up property at 1 Saxon Avenue

11) Tagging in Sunningdale Avenue (near junction with Saxon Avenue)

12) Tagging in Cross Road, Hanworth

The first is next to number 26:

The next two are on the junction with Crispen Road:

The next is near the junction with Swan Road:

The next is by 40 Cross Road (but the picture has not come out too well).

13) Next to 94 Crispen Road

14) Next to 144 Sunningdale Avenue

Best Wishes Ram, Jim and Mash

January 22, 2010

I did not know that the Londis Store on Hounslow Road was changing hands.  The three brothers are very nice men and popular with local residents.  I wish them all the best and hope to see them this evening when I pop in.

Two local articles from last week

January 20, 2010

Here are a couple of stories where I was asked for comment last week:

Attempt to return Messrs Chatt & Ellar to the Council
The Regional Labour Party has decided that the above should be candidates at the local elections in the Cranford & Hounslow Heath wards respectively.  I wonder whether Mr Ellar recalls me predicting (wrongly) that he would chicken run before the 2006 from Hanworth Park to Hounslow Heath?  At least now, I am only wrong on the timing.
My view is that these two wards, especially Cranford, will be more interesting than in a generation.  Labour will not be able to take it for granted and they are wrong if they think that either of these are safe.
It is pretty well known that I am not great pals with either of the above but I make no apology for remaining appalled by what I saw during their times as Leader of the Council between 2002 & 2006.  The Borough Council Meetings at the time were a shambles whereby the majority of Executive Members were unable to answer legitimate questions put to them.  The amount of things we [as an administration] have turned around since also highlights that the legacy we inherited was not great (lots more things to improve for the next administration but the legacy they will inherit is, on the whole, is a very good one and brilliant in some cases).  This all makes these two wards even more important when the campaign gets underway.

My view on the promotions of booze in pubs
I have commented on this issue previously so this will not surprise too many people.

West Ham to save Olympic Legacy?

January 19, 2010

As readers may already know (because I have plugged it a few times before), I was the only Conservative candidate at the 2005 General Election to oppose London’s bid for the Olympic Games.  Since we were successful in the bid, I have maintained I really want it to be a success.  I have also maintained throughout – in agreement with the biggest advocates at the time of the bid – the Olympics should be judged on Legacy.  This could manifest itself in terms of more people participating in sport but there is also the question of facilities and what happens afterwards – just look at most Cities that have hosted the games to see where things have fallen down before.

I listed to an interesting interview on TalkSport this morning with one of the new owners of West Ham, David Gold.  A great interview and I would be very optimistic were I a hammers fan as Messrs Gold & Sullivan had such a great record at Birmingham.  But one of the things that stood out was the ambition to take the Olympic stadium, maintaining the 80,000 capacity with the clear aim of becoming ‘The Peoples Club’ and charging a quid for kids and £3 for OAPs.  It sounds very exciting and I will watch this with interest.

My view remains that the best way to deliver on legacy in relation to the Olympic Stadium is through football.  I will watch this one with interest.  Wonder what the West Ham supporter, and my favourite blogger, Iain Dale, thinks?

Catching up

January 18, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates during the past couple of weeks.  I have not been out and about much with the weather and not been too well recently.  Will try and do better after a couple of days from now.

A few things to report:

1) In Staines Road, Bedfont (near junction with Richmond Avenue)

The following needs a bit of a clean:

2) Offensive tagging on junction of Cantebury Road & Barnlea Close, Hanworth

Not including this one as it is too offensive but will ask for it to be removed.

3) Empty Property – 95 Cantebury Road

Will report this to the relevant team.

Big improvement in alleyway

January 4, 2010

I have previously posted on this blog about the large amount of graffiti in the alley between New Road, Feltham and Feltham Park/Helen Avenue.  What a great surprise I had over the weekend to see the following massive improvement:

At the New Road end, I noticed lots of litter the other side of the fence.  I cannot remember who is responsible for this area of land between New Road and Station Estate Road but I will make enquiries.  Here is some of the litter I saw:

Reporting continues in 2010

January 4, 2010

Here are some pictures of tagging.  The first is at the side of the Tote Bookmakers in Staines Road, Bedfont (next to junction with New Road):

And, the next two are taken in the alleyway entrance off New Road (this time the one in Feltham and not Bedfont) leading to Feltham Park, Helen Avenue etc:

There are other bits of tagging that I have seen (but did not get to take pictures):

  1. When turning left off Staines Road, Feltham into Faggs Road, there is quite a lot of tagging on the panels on the left;
  2. There is tagging on the plastic/glass at the bus stop outside the Feltham Assembly Hall in Hounslow Road – this tagging is particularly offensive;

I will report each of the above today.

Happy New Year

January 4, 2010

My batteries have been recharged over Christmas, though I now (as is usually the case after flying back) have a bad dose of jet lag.  It is still very cold here.  I came home only to find I needed to replace the battery in my car.

When I returned, I was sad to read of the death of the Labour MP, David Taylor.  I never met him but he was regularly speaking in Parliament and was clearly not only independent but one of those rare politicians who were effective as both a Constituency MP and Parliamentarian.  I met the Conservative Candidate in the constituency at a Best Practice weekend a while ago and he was very complimentary about him.

I wish everyone the very best for 2010!