Rear of Hounslow High Street (Asda side) yesterday

After being out and about campaigning, I went to join the family on Hounslow High Street.  The disposal of rubbish and/or flytipping was clearly a problem.  The first picture was taken near the former post office:

The following was the rear of one of the premises:

There is clearly the need for some visits to be paid and a solution/enforcement sought.  I will ask for this to be given some urgent attention.


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  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , i seriously think that the Council has to start to take a pro -active enforcement role in this Borough , Fixed PCN ‘s and the such like , Westminister Council seem to be able to do it so why can’t Hounslow ????

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    One of the things I wish could have happened during this administration of the Council is that all types of Council related enforcement could have been as prominent as it is with Planning – nobody yet has disagreed with me when I say that our planning enforcement function must have one of the highest profiles in the country – it has really meant business over the past three years.

    The bags out early problem is different (and everyone knows how much I hate to see bags out early) – my blog readers will remember my frustration with the problem in Rosslyn Avenue (near the shops), which is not as much of a problem as before. One of the things residents quite often ask for are cameras to be deployed in order to catch those responsible. However, such use of surveillance is not allowed for these purposes. Nailing this problem is a real difficult one. I believe in the use of fixed penalty notices for problems like this but I know that Hillingdon once had difficulty in getting these to stick when it was challenged in court.

    I will go onto Google and see if I can find examples of what Westminster Council has achieved in this area. If you have any links, please do share them. Thanks for your comment!

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