Yesterday morning in Hanworth

Spent yesterday in Hanworth and took note of some things that need to be reported.

1) Footway defect on junction of Winslow Way & Ridge Way

2) Dumped bed opposite 45 Winslow Way

3) Tagging on bus stop opposite 3 Saxon Avenue

4) Tagging next to 2 Winslow Way

5) Potholes outside 11 and 25 Winslow Way

6) Tagging in alley to Cottington Road (off Hounslow Road)

7) Lots of litter by Longford River (in Hounslow Road – between numbers 128 & 136)

I will ask that the agency responsible for this land (it is almost certainly not the Council) pay a visit and advise what schedule they have for litter picking here?

8 ) Lots of graffiti in underpass by A316

Lots of work is needed to remove tagging at the above location between Hounslow Road & Bear Road.  Here are some examples:

9) Tagging near The Hollands

The picture does not capture the amount of graffiti very well but it is clear in person and it on the brown wall next to the fence.

10) Boarded up property at 1 Saxon Avenue

11) Tagging in Sunningdale Avenue (near junction with Saxon Avenue)

12) Tagging in Cross Road, Hanworth

The first is next to number 26:

The next two are on the junction with Crispen Road:

The next is near the junction with Swan Road:

The next is by 40 Cross Road (but the picture has not come out too well).

13) Next to 94 Crispen Road

14) Next to 144 Sunningdale Avenue

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