Quick visit to Cygnet Avenue yesterday afternoon

I have received a complaint about bollards placed around the green between numbers 17 & 43.  In addition, a number came to the surgery yesterday morning that was covered by Gill Hutchison.  I had half an hour to pop around so did so.

Here is what I saw:

On the positive side:

  1. The bollards are less intrusive than other bollards I have seen;
  2. They will serve the intended purpose in preventing people from driving over the green.

On the negative side:

  1. I would have preferred that Hounslow Homes had consulted tenants and residents;
  2. There is certainly a parking problem at this location, some of the reasons for this are typical and some are specific to this location;
  3. I am concerned about the lack of access for emergency vehicles.  I was informed that refuse was not collected for four weeks because of a lack of access – unfortunately no-one mentioned this to me until yesterday.

Typically Hounslow Homes does not support removing grassed areas for more parking and I understand the reasons why – I have never been critical.  I also understand the difficulty that Hounslow Homes are in for they (and we as local Councillors) do receive complaints about people driving over the grassed areas.  It is a very difficult situation.

However, there are some issues here and I hope that there is a solution that protects the green but also enables access without removing much needed parking capacity.

On my way there, I picked up the following:

Potholes outside 122 Hounslow Road, Feltham

Potholes in Carlton Avenue

Outside number 1:

There were more outside numbers 19, 21, 115 & 117.

Pothole between 23 & 45 Cygnet Avenue:

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2 Responses to “Quick visit to Cygnet Avenue yesterday afternoon”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Well done on being your usual observant self, Mark, and so quickly spotting the potholes- I was going to report them anyway. Does the council have an e-form for this?

    Dare we hope that, bearing in mind this is a bus route with a 20 mph speed restriction also, that these repairs might be done quicker? I’m not sure whether driving over them slowly- as one has to do to observe the speed limit- causes more or less damage to a vehicle!

    As to the Cygnet Avenue green, could I suggest a partial solution might be dividing it, i.e. having a narrow, discreet roadway through the middle (perhaps in green asphalt), though I know this would probably be a low priority on spending?

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    The following eForm is the best way for Members of the Public report things such as potholes:

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