Earlier today – Feltham Park and surrounding

Alley between Helen Avenue and New Road

Someone mentioned again the amount of litter in bushes in the alley from Helen Avenue to New Road.  I had been informed that some work will take place to the former allotments next to Station Estate Road.  As of today, it had not been but will give it a week before chasing.

Here is what I saw today:

The pictures do not capture how much litter is in many of the bushes.  I think to remove all the litter in this area and in these places would take quite some time but I will see what can be done.

Here is a picture from the New Road end:

Feltham Park

I also took the children to Feltham Park and was pleased when arriving to see someone litter picking:

Lots of markings on the floor – nothing offensive about it but could build up if allowed to stay.

And, there was tagging on the bin in the children’s play area:

Utility box in Hounslow Road open

The following is open opposite St Giles Hotel:

Tagging near entrance to Station Estate Road:

Litter near entrance to Station Estate Road

Same location as the previous picture but looking down, there was quite a lot:

Trolleys in New Road

As with the one at the top of this posting, I wonder how they got there – would things be worse in terms of abandoned trolleys were coins not required for use.  I think matters would be worse.

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