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Bath Road (mainly) yesterday

January 31, 2010

The following is outside 273 Bath Road:

The above is something that has been reported before but will do so again.  The bags out early is a tough nut to crack.

The following is outside 242 Bath Road:

The sign to St. Paul’s Close (off Bath Road) has been knocked over:

I will report each of the above in the morning.

Rear of Hounslow High Street (Asda side) yesterday

January 31, 2010

After being out and about campaigning, I went to join the family on Hounslow High Street.  The disposal of rubbish and/or flytipping was clearly a problem.  The first picture was taken near the former post office:

The following was the rear of one of the premises:

There is clearly the need for some visits to be paid and a solution/enforcement sought.  I will ask for this to be given some urgent attention.

Yesterday in Heston West

January 31, 2010

What is interesting about looking out for environmental issues as I go out and about campaigning is that some issues exist everywhere and other issues are more obvious in some areas as compared to others.  For example, I was pleased that I saw hardly any graffiti in the first half of the session.


I was pleased to see new trees on the Brabazon Estate.  I am not sure if these trees are part of the extra 1000 trees pledge but was great to see nonetheless.

Here are some things to report:

1) Footway defects

The first one is on the corner of 59 Northfield Road – some could trip here:

The next is at 61 Northfield Road:

The next is outside 63 Northfield Road:

The next two pictures are outside 102-112 Northfield Road:

The next is outside 6 Meadow Waye:

The next is outside 34-36 Meadow Waye:

The next is outside 21 Heston Avenue:

The next is outside 76 Heston Avenue:

2) Grass verges

One of the things that concerned me most yesterday was the damage to the grass verges. Apart from not looking nice, when these have to be repaired, there is a cost to the taxpayer.  In some parts of the Borough such damage has been prevented with the use of bollards but as per a previous posting, this are not always popular.

The first was outside 2 Meadow Waye:

The next is outside 16-18 Heston Avenue:

The next is outside 24 & 26 Berkeley Way:

The next was between 188 & 192 Wentworth Road:

There were some others but not as bad as the above.

3) Graffiti

I did say at the top that I did not see much at the beginning but many of the utility boxes in Wentworth Road were covered.  They were at:

The next was outside 120 Wentworth Road:

The next is outside 158 Wentworth Road:

The next is outside 214 Wentworth Road:

I will report all of the above tomorrow morning.

Michael Howard MP

January 29, 2010

Yesterday was an evening that I will remember for a long time as Michael Howard came along as a Guest Speaker to a Feltham and Heston Conservative Association event.  He spoke brilliantly and took the time to meet everyone who was present.

Here are a few pictures:

(LtoR: Paul Bedi, Mark Bowen, Michael Howard)

Michael Howard and Mark Bowen

Michael Howard and Mark Bowen

(LtoR: Gurcharan Singh (Ealing Southall Parliamentary Candidate), Michael Howard, Mark Bowen)

(LtoR: Tony Viney, Mark Bowen, Michael Howard, Caroline Arbour, Tony Arbour, Michael Rock (National CF chairman)

(LtoR: Mark Bowen and Michael Howard)

(LtoR: Tony Viney, Mark Bowen, Michael Howard, Caroline Arbour, Tony Arbour, Michael Rock)

Proceeds of Crime

January 27, 2010

Many Feltham North and Bedfont residents will be aware of the properties referred to in Planning Enforcement agenda items 22, 23 & 24.

Because not all of the above notices were not complied with, the London Borough of Hounslow instigated a prosecution.  Nothing out of the ordinary about that because during the past three years LBH has become one of the most pro-active planning enforcement regimes in the country.  What is different about this case, was the use of the Proceeds of Crime route.  It has not been used by Hounslow before and it has hardly been used by any other Planning Authority in the country.

There was a court hearing at Kingston Crown Court on 21st January 2010 and the following applications were heard and the results are as follows:

a) Restraint order- HHJ Barnes granted the restraint order as drafted

b) Confiscation Hearing – HHJ Barnes found that the benefit figure amounted to £186,680 and confirmed that there was evidence to show that the amount far exceeded the benefit figure. The confiscation order was made in the sum of £186,680. The landlord was given 6 months to pay this amount, and the default term set was 2 ½ years

c) Sentencing- HHJ Barnes fined the Landlord £750.00 for each offence concurrent to each other

Costs were applied for in full. HHJ Barnes ordered the landlord to pay £2,000 contribution towards costs.

LBH really does mean business in this area.  No longer is this London’s forgotten borough.  We lead the way in this and many other areas.

Borough Council last night

January 27, 2010

One of the more friendly Borough Council Meetings last night.  Here was the agenda.

Agenda item 6 would have been of particular interest to some residents in Feltham North & Hanworth Park.  Agenda item 7 would be of interest to people throughout Feltham.  Item 8 represents a big shift in the attitude of the Council for it now believes that the Mayoralty is a non-political position – this was not the  case up to 2006.  It is great that this has happened and that the position of Mayor has been recovered during the past few years with brilliant choices.

I did not have much to say but did make an announcement at the beginning – something worth a posting in its own right.

Winnie Mandela programmes on BBC4

January 27, 2010

I watched the two programmes about Winnie Mandela on BBC4 on Monday night. For me, this was some of the best television that I have seen in a long time. Everyone else I have spoken to, and watched it, agreed that both programmes were compelling viewing. I recommend both programmes to anyone – either on iPlayer or when they are repeated on BBC4.

More people reporting will lead to a better local environment

January 26, 2010

Whilst I am certain and proud of the major reduction in graffiti in our Borough over the past year or so, I do wonder whether the message has got through that the Council now has a large range of eForms where matters such as graffiti can be reported.
These have been advertised on posters and in Hounslow Matters.

What else do you think can be done to get more people to report more matters?  If we crack this, it will make an even bigger and better difference to the local environment, especially in terms of graffiti removal.

Earlier today – Feltham Park and surrounding

January 24, 2010

Alley between Helen Avenue and New Road

Someone mentioned again the amount of litter in bushes in the alley from Helen Avenue to New Road.  I had been informed that some work will take place to the former allotments next to Station Estate Road.  As of today, it had not been but will give it a week before chasing.

Here is what I saw today:

The pictures do not capture how much litter is in many of the bushes.  I think to remove all the litter in this area and in these places would take quite some time but I will see what can be done.

Here is a picture from the New Road end:

Feltham Park

I also took the children to Feltham Park and was pleased when arriving to see someone litter picking:

Lots of markings on the floor – nothing offensive about it but could build up if allowed to stay.

And, there was tagging on the bin in the children’s play area:

Utility box in Hounslow Road open

The following is open opposite St Giles Hotel:

Tagging near entrance to Station Estate Road:

Litter near entrance to Station Estate Road

Same location as the previous picture but looking down, there was quite a lot:

Trolleys in New Road

As with the one at the top of this posting, I wonder how they got there – would things be worse in terms of abandoned trolleys were coins not required for use.  I think matters would be worse.

Quick visit to Cygnet Avenue yesterday afternoon

January 24, 2010

I have received a complaint about bollards placed around the green between numbers 17 & 43.  In addition, a number came to the surgery yesterday morning that was covered by Gill Hutchison.  I had half an hour to pop around so did so.

Here is what I saw:

On the positive side:

  1. The bollards are less intrusive than other bollards I have seen;
  2. They will serve the intended purpose in preventing people from driving over the green.

On the negative side:

  1. I would have preferred that Hounslow Homes had consulted tenants and residents;
  2. There is certainly a parking problem at this location, some of the reasons for this are typical and some are specific to this location;
  3. I am concerned about the lack of access for emergency vehicles.  I was informed that refuse was not collected for four weeks because of a lack of access – unfortunately no-one mentioned this to me until yesterday.

Typically Hounslow Homes does not support removing grassed areas for more parking and I understand the reasons why – I have never been critical.  I also understand the difficulty that Hounslow Homes are in for they (and we as local Councillors) do receive complaints about people driving over the grassed areas.  It is a very difficult situation.

However, there are some issues here and I hope that there is a solution that protects the green but also enables access without removing much needed parking capacity.

On my way there, I picked up the following:

Potholes outside 122 Hounslow Road, Feltham

Potholes in Carlton Avenue

Outside number 1:

There were more outside numbers 19, 21, 115 & 117.

Pothole between 23 & 45 Cygnet Avenue: