Viola Avenue carriageway

Whilst the above benefitted from a new footway in the past couple of years, the carriageway could do with some planned maintenance and, going by Saturday, I think it is the carriageway in Feltham North that is in most need of attention.  Unless things changes, this is the street within Feltham North that I would suggest get the Micro-Asphalt for the next financial year.

Here are some pics from Saturday.  The first is outside number 3:

Outside 23:

Outside 33:

Outside 41:

The following is near 46 but I am uncertain if this is for Highways or Hounslow Homes?  I will check:


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    At last this roadway is getting some attention! How it’s been allowed to get like this for so many years, goodness only knows. Don’t forget the service road though, Mark, linking Viola and Carlton avenues with Hounslow Road. That needs re-surfacing too- certainly at the Viola before the exit by the westbound bus shelter and stop.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Thanks for the posting. One of the pictures in the other thread posted the same day refers to the slip road you mention. I am not certain whether the defect I saw would exceed the intervention levels set by the Council.

    A year or so ago, I was not hopeful of anything beyond reactive maintenance until the PFI monies came through but with the introduction of Micro-Asphalt, it offers some hope for residential roads (as opposed to Principal roads). My personal view is that this is the carriageway is the one in need of most attention in Feltham North.

    Over the years, I have reported various defects in this street but reactive maintenance is not the ideal solution for these issues.

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    I received the following earlier today:

    “With regards to the defects you have identified, an inspection has been undertaken in Viola Avenue, on the 16/12/09. During a site inspection the defects were identified and job numbers 49906 outside 46, job number 49940 outside 33 and job number 49942 outside 41 Viola Avenue, have been raised and issued to our contractor for repair. These works are estimated to be completed within a 4 – week timescale.”

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