Graffiti removal needed in Feltham North (12/12/09)

Here are some things to report for the weekend:

The first is next to 2 Lansbury Avenue:

The next is outside 55 & 57 Lansbury Avenue:

The next was outside 90a Lansbury Avenue:

Here is some tagging on the footway outside 9 Viola Avenue:

And this is outside 11 Viola Avenue:

The next is outside 24 Carlton Avenue:

The next is near 70 Harlington Road West:

The next is outside 133 Harlington Road West (tagging not shown here needs to be treated as offensive):

Not Graffiti but the following at the bus stop, outside 213 Staines Road, is tagging:

I always like a happy face but I still think that the following outside 379 Staines Road is worth removing:

The next was on the bin outside Londis (Baber Bridge Parade, Hounslow Road):

The next is in Mill Way (near number 2):

The following is next to 26 Hatton Green:

The following is opposite 44 Viola Avenue:

There was also similar tagging on the utility box in this street near the junction with Carlton Avenue.

The following is opposite 83 Beeston Way:

The following is opposite 31 & 33 Beeston Way:

Also, on the bridge in Hounslow Road (over the train track):

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3 Responses to “Graffiti removal needed in Feltham North (12/12/09)”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    All well spotted and no doubt duly reported Mark, but would you care to take a look at Tilley Road, Orchard Road and what remains of Railway Terrace (i.e. the remaining pedestrian footway since the stopping up of the useful road connection with Bedfont Lane, just to make way for ASDA’s blooming Goods In yard.

    I took a walk down this stretch of road for the first time in ages on Saturday, rather than spend ages walking to the top of the overbridge leading to The Centre. I couldn’t believe how bad the tagging and graffiti is round here, particularly on the backs of premises in Tilley Road but just as badly along Railway Terrace.

    Part of the Railway Terrace railings had clearly been designated as a place for a mural by Feltham Community College in 2006, presumably designed to deter tagging and further graffiti- but it hasn’t worked!

    This area’s a disgrace, and not at all in keeping with what the re-generated Centre ought to look like. Can you get your colleagues in Feltham West to do something about it pretty pronto, Mark?

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have reported this – reference 1069819. Thank you.

  3. Mark Savage Says:

    Thanks Mark. I await with interest how quickly this will be dealt with. I really am amazed it hasn’t been reported sooner- the graffiti removal teams will certainly have their work cut out there!

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