Tesco carpark in Lower Feltham yesterday

I was concerned to see the following yesterday:

This looks really bad.  It was taken at around 1:15pm yesterday (Saturday).  I will want to know:

  1. When the various containers were last emptied?
  2. What is the schedule for emptying these containers and checking that no bags are being dumped in this way?
  3. Why is the area in this unacceptable condition?
  4. What will be done to avoid this happening again?

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2 Responses to “Tesco carpark in Lower Feltham yesterday”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I’m glad you’re going to get something done about this, Mark. I didn’t think to contact you about it sooner, but it has really bugged me for some time- this is certainly not the first occasion these plastics recycling bins have been ike this.

    Another question that needs to be asked, perhaps, is why are people leaving stuff there in the first place, when most of us now have fortnightly collections of plastic and two generous sized sacks to put waste plastics in. it only seems to be the plastics bins which are really badly affected.

    But why on earth haven’t Tesco done anything about it? It is a hazard in all sorts of ways- vermin, possibly fire, etc- and looks plain unsightly, discouraging people from using the rest of the re-cycling area.

    I look forward to reading the outcome of your contact with the responsible parties.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    One thing I have learnt about this site is that there is a distinction to be made between plastics and residual waste. The former is a matter for the Council and the latter is a matter for Tesco. It was the residual waste that concerned me most as it looked very untidy.

    Apart from looking untidy, there has in the past been the problem with the containers for plastics being contaminated with all manner of materials, ranging from black sacks of waste to electrical items and tyres, and in one case, even a mattress. I am informed that the Council are arranging to have bars placed inside the apertures to reduce the size of the hole available to place items in the container so that larger items will not be able to be put in.

    The cause of the build up of plastics was down to transport.
    The vehicle that collects from these banks was off the road this week for a scheduled service and MOT. It was anticipated that this would take two and a half days. In preparation for this the containers were cleared on Tuesday, and they should have then been cleared on Friday. Unfortunately when the vehicle went in for service, some faults were found, which delayed it being returned. At this point, SITA attempted to hire in a replacement vehicle to clear the plastics sites on Friday. However, as this is a very specialised vehicle, a replacement was not able to be found at short notice. The vehicle was fixed and returned by Monday and all plastics sites have now been emptied.

    I wish to make it clear that I am not defending the above. A friend of mine informed me that he has seen this previously, If anyone sees a repeat of plastics not being collected, please contact me or post on this page (I will get an email notifying me).

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