Leader comes to Feltham North

Yesterday morning, Peter Thompson and I took a brief walk around two sites in the ward – Feltham Arena & the land around the Feltham Ex-Servicemen’s Club.  I have some outstanding casework in relation to the latter.

Everyone knows that I have been frustrated that we have not got further with the Arena but more work has been done than even I realised.  Here are some pictures.  The first photograph is where the pitch used to be (taken from the Shakespeare Avenue end):

What the next three pictures show is just how much the land around the pitch area has been raised (the plan being to put mini pitches there).  The third of them is especially revealing in that when I climbed up from the Shakespeare Avenue end I expected to be able to walk straight back down:

Whilst my frustration remains, more work has been done than even I realised.  My hope is that Feltham FC and the Planners are in discussions because local people really want a good scheme to move forward!  The potential of this site remains.

I also noticed the following that was dumped.  The nearest location is 70 Shakespeare Avenue and is at the gate to the open space between this street and Shaftesbury Avenue:

The visit to the land around the Ex-Servicemans Club (off Bedfont Lane) was also useful.  There is clearly a lot of “dead land” and I will communicate with those who contacted me when a response is received from Corporate Property at the Council.

I also noticed that there is no mound of earth at the entrance to Blenheim Park.  In the past this was required to avoid the site being occupied (as happened in 2001).  Here is what I saw:

I will report the last two pictures.

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  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , i believe that the work on the Arena should have been restarted back in Aug , but according to the workman on the site the Council’s planning Dept were still taking their time on granting permission , the lack of work on this site is a joke , i feel sorry for the Heron’s that stand in the newly formed lake expecting dinner , as for the rubbish at Shakespeare Ave , this is mainly from the residents that live in this road , ie: Council tenants , and so would that make you their landlord ???? , i use this route whilst taking my dog for a walk , and have regulary called the council about this , yet it still persists .
    Shaw Rd , Feltham ex-Serviceman’s Club , this road and the entrance have not been touched for years , not months, years !!!!! , it seems that there is always the same subject brought up by your trips around the Borough , litter and the lack of any routine street maintenance , the only time roads are swept is after someone has a moan about it !!! , do we not employ area teamleaders to check up on the standard of our streets ??? , perhaps this is another area that needs to be out sourced !!!

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Thank you for your posting. In response:

      It is true that the main sticking point at the moment is related to planning. I would not say it is down the planning department delaying a decision. Quite often, delays can be about getting a scheme being submitted to which the planners can recommend approval to Members. I really hope that we can get things moving again, especially as – from my point of view – there had been more progress than expected.

      I have no idea who dumped the rubbish but I do know that residents from this street have contacted me – both freeholders and Council Tenants – to report flytipping.

      With regards to the land around the Club, there are a number of parts that have not been touched for a longtime. The lease is held by the club for most parts. There are various reasons why a number of people see some sort of development on the site as a good thing. Naturally, much would depend on any scheme submitted for approval.

      I am grateful for your final comments. My aim with this blog has always been to portray an honest view, as opposed to one claiming that everything is wonderful. It is very difficult with time etc for me to get the balance right. There is clearly a lot more highlighting action required than good outcomes e.g. I rarely picture sites that have received the requested action. I have not yet seen an example of any report I have made via the blog not being actioned so that is positive.

      On graffiti and park maintenance I genuinely believe that we have come a long way. With regards to issues such as the former, I believe that we have further to go in encouraging residents to report issues via the website. You are very proactive (many thanks) and I know we could do even better if a huge amount more people reported things to the Council.

      There are lots of things that can be reported via the website (and you get a reference number straight away):

      As for checking up on standards, I sometimes have the need to raise this question as I have done on the posting made in the last hour on the rubbish near Tesco in Lower Feltham.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Re: Blenheim Park. Excuse me if I’m being thick, Mark, but wouldn’t a mound of earth at the entrance to this be extremely unhelpful to Feltham Carnival each June?
    I’m sure you know that since the council (effectively) evicted them from the arena when it became de facto a local nature reserve, they have held the annual carnival fete, horse show and of course the parade there. I can’t imagine any of these events taking place if vehicles could not enter the site.

    It also has to be said that the carnival suffered as a result of the move- very few people know of the existence of Blenheim Park, it is very poorly signed and in that respect is a neglected resource. Once again, I’m afraid, to some extent you are not helped by an unfortunate lack of knowledge, at times, of the previous land use in the area.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      I am saddened to read this post, especially the concluding comment.

      The background to this is as follows:

      1) In 2001, the then Blenheim Park site was occupied for a week or two.
      2) A lot of damage and cost was caused by this occupation.
      3) Work was done to make it next to impossible for this to happen again and part of the solution was the large mound of earth at this entrance.
      4) It never impacted the carnival as far as I am aware ie the earth was moved a day or two before the carnival.

      I have been informed as a result of my enquiry that the earth has been moved because the entrance is used by one of the local Football teams. I do not have strong views about it returning as long as Officers are satisfied that the risks of a repeat of 2001 are extremely low.

      May I ask exactly who was exicted and by whom? I have no recollection of being part of such a decision.

  3. G. Newell Says:

    It is very sad to see the state that the old arena site is in now. I think your impression of the progress being made is a little optimistic, Mark. The raised areas that you mention will be used for football pitches will be wholly unsuitable for such a use in their present condition. Although the area was seeded last year the resultant crop of grass is thin and yellow due to the soil it has been sown on. It barely covers the abundant sharp stones, broken glass and other detritus that was dumped on the site by the contractors. It will all have to be removed and good topsoil put in place and re-seeded before it will be suitable for use for football. It seems to me that the whole operation has been undertaken in an extremely unprofessional manner from the start. The site was not made secure so the local children were able to access the site and cause mayhem to their hearts content. I am surprised there were no serious accidents or outbreaks of disease and sickness after the contractors dumped household waste on the site – the smell was disgusting for several weeks in the summer. Stupid things, such as not removing some of the makeshift fencing before dumping tons of rubble means that they are left embedded in the perimeter of the site, the lack of foresight in neglecting to lay drainage pipes (the site is flooded in several areas due to the heavy clay soils that made up the bulk of the landfill.) These only reinforce my observation that this project was awarded to a contractor who had no idea what they were doing. I predict it will be a long time before this site will be usable for sports again, if it ever is.

    With this as an example to follow is it any wonder that the area is used as a dumping ground. It is a disgusting mess and whoever is responsible should be held to account.

    As for the litter picking on the old Glebelands site, can you tell me why all the rubbish in the wooded areas is left in situ while only the easy to reach litter is picked up? This should be being undertaken now, before the litter is lost in the spring growth. I’ve seen two “litter pickers” in a truck driving around Blenheim Park picking up litter with a grabber from the comfort of the cab not even setting foot on the park! This used to be a lovely open space, a pleasure to visit. Now it is a depressing experience.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Thanks for the posting. In absolute terms, I am not optimistic about where we are but what the posting tried to get across that things were not as bad as I had feared.

      “As for the litter picking on the old Glebelands site, can you tell me why all the rubbish in the wooded areas is left in situ while only the easy to reach litter is picked up?”

      Are you referring to the alley between Helen Avenue & New Road? If not, I will probably need to discuss with you further – happy to meet up and for me to take some pictures. If it is the alley I refer to, there is some good news on the way.

  4. G. Newell Says:

    One more thing – can anything be done to stop the vandalism to the trees in the Gleebeland and Blenheim Park (and Feltham Rec.)? With all the money being spent planting new trees in the borough it would be nice to see some protection for the established trees we already have.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      This is worrying as I was not aware of any recent vandalism to trees. Again, if you could let me know specifically where, I would be grateful. As per my previous post, I am happy to meet up.

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