Latest on the Beavers Estate

The Leader and I spent the morning together visiting three parts of the Borough before meeting an IIP (Investors in People) Inspector.  One of the places I was keen to show him was the area around the parade of shops on the Beavers Estate.  I also showed him the Estate managed by Places for People and the building that occupies Surestart and the library.

The place has a lot going for it and we were both impressed with what we saw.  The area around the shops remains a big problem.  Here is some of the latest.  The first is above the shops:

The following two pictures are outside the shops:

And, finally the following bins were quite full at the rear of Opossum Way and I do not think that they should be on a Thursday.   Maybe another bin is required?

I will report all of the above.

With regards to the area around the shop (the carpark continues to be in an unacceptable state), there is some movement and my next checkpoint will be the middle of next month.

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