Jack and the Beanstalk

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to see the above Pantomime at Paul Robeson Theatre earlier this evening.  It was her first panto so I was probably as excited as she was.

I recommend that you go along and see this show, especially if you have kids.  It is great fun and the theatre is perfect for this particular show.

I recognised quite a few of the cast.  Spencer O’Brien played Jack.  Catherine Gibson played Jill.  Richard Albrecht played Dame Trot (I am not sure if my daughter realised that it was a man playing the part of a lady).  Jessica Francis played the Fairy.  And, Gerard Carey (any Torchwood fans?) played Grovel.

Here are a few pics:

After the show, the cast came out to say hello.  Here is a picture of me, my daughter, Jack & Jill.

As it was the first performance there was a small celebration afterwards.  One lady made a fantastic cake:

And, here are some of the people having a chat and drinking to a wonderful first night:

It was also lovely to meet members of the Production team.  Everyone was so friendly and excited about the season.


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  1. Paul Davis Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Please come and leave a review for this show at http://www.hounslowtw3.net

    It’s had one negative one already!

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