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‘Happy Holidays’ (nah!)

December 24, 2009

I am hearing a lot of the above this year.  I prefer to stick with Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Great news from TfL

December 24, 2009

I previously posted about item 50 of the 21 September Executive Meeting.

The Executive approved the proposals – with the amendment moved by me – for submission to TfL, and they have now been approved in their entirety by TfL.

Currently away

December 23, 2009

Spending Christmas with the in-laws this year.  Never rained as much as this in all of the years that I have been coming here.  I will not complain too much especially as I have heard about the terrible weather in the UK.  I hope that everyone is ok back home.

I have been keeping in touch with the news and apart from the weather, I read that John Hartson continues to make a good recovery.  This is brilliant news. 

The other Welsh sportsman in the news is Gareth Thomas who announced the other day that he is gay.  My brother-in-law, Delme Parfitt, knows him well and has appeared on the radio since this was announced.  Gareth Thomas has spoken of the tough time he had over the years and I wish him all the best because what matters most is that he is a great person and rugby player.

I will try and update the blog but no promises.  If I do not get to do so, I wish a Merry Christmas to all in Feltham, Heston, Bedfont, Hounslow, Cranford & Hanworth (and anyone else who reads the blog.

I forgot to share this with you!

December 15, 2009

I forgot to share with readers of this blog comments that were issued to the local press by the former Leader of the Council and former Hanworth Park Councillor, Colin Ellar, in relation to my latest glossy leaflet that has already been delivered in the majority of Feltham & Heston (it has gone out in Feltham North over the past few days):

“It seemed to have similarities with the kind of horrid nonsense put out by parties such as the BNP. The surplus of union jack flags on it and the central message of the need to get tough on immigration would certainly have un-nerved several of my neighbours, who I am sure feel vulnerable when one of the major political parties starts to spout needless anti-immigration rhetoric. Furthermore, the leaflet seems to demonstrate little political logic as putting out such provocative publications across areas like Heston and Hounslow must be counterproductive where many people are from families resulting from historic immigration. Perhaps Mr. Bowen should reflect on how nasty and divisive this approach can make him appear to many of the residents in the multi ethnic area that he hopes to represent.”

Apart from being out of touch with people in Heston & Hounslow on this issue, he is even out of touch with the Cabinet who have an idea that trying to shut down debate on immigration is not the best way to maintain good race relations.

It says a lot about the man (the one who was Leader when the Council did not see it as a no brainer to fly the St George flag during St George’s day) that he thinks having the UK flag on my literature twice is surplus.

How some Labour supporters must despair at the calibre of people that their Party offers in this Borough!

Feedback on latest leaflets

December 15, 2009

Feel free to post comments about the two leaflets that went out in Feltham North over the past few days.  For those who do not reside in Feltham North, you may have received the glossy – please feel free to use this thread for comment also.

The rest from 12/12/09

December 14, 2009

It appears that rubbish has possibly not been collected outside 1 Baber Drive:

The following bit of footway near 41b Hounslow Road needs a steam clean.  Because of the large tree, it is impossible for this footway to be kept free from bird mess but I will ask for (i) the area to be cleaned and (ii) for the schedule that it is cleaned because of the regular problem.

The following is not far from the entrance to 73-89 Field Road:

I am not certain if the following on the slip road outside 122 Hounslow Road would fall within the intervention levels but I will ask Highways to look at this:

The following is outside 237 to 247 Staines Road:

The following is in The Causeway (at the end of Green Man Lane):

The following works were in Beeston Way (at the end of Baber Drive):

What I found strange was the information on the sign:

I will ask what 07-09 divided 10 – 2008 means?

The following litter was near the shops at Baber Bridge Parade:

The sign at the end of Green Mane Lane needs a good clean (or replacement) and I wonder whether it is pointed in the incorrect direction?

The following is the land next to 24 Green Man Lane – there was recently a very large mound of earth that appears to have been spread around – I will ask?:

The following bollard is opposite 2 Green Man Lane and I am not certain if it serves any purpose in its current position:

The following footway opposite 85 Beeston Way cannot be used:

The following lampost opposite Speedy Hire in Staines Road appears to have been knocked and damaged a little:

Entrance to former Eldridge House

December 14, 2009

The above could do with a visit – general sweep a litter pick.  Here are some pics:

Viola Avenue carriageway

December 14, 2009

Whilst the above benefitted from a new footway in the past couple of years, the carriageway could do with some planned maintenance and, going by Saturday, I think it is the carriageway in Feltham North that is in most need of attention.  Unless things changes, this is the street within Feltham North that I would suggest get the Micro-Asphalt for the next financial year.

Here are some pics from Saturday.  The first is outside number 3:

Outside 23:

Outside 33:

Outside 41:

The following is near 46 but I am uncertain if this is for Highways or Hounslow Homes?  I will check:

Graffiti removal needed in Feltham North (12/12/09)

December 13, 2009

Here are some things to report for the weekend:

The first is next to 2 Lansbury Avenue:

The next is outside 55 & 57 Lansbury Avenue:

The next was outside 90a Lansbury Avenue:

Here is some tagging on the footway outside 9 Viola Avenue:

And this is outside 11 Viola Avenue:

The next is outside 24 Carlton Avenue:

The next is near 70 Harlington Road West:

The next is outside 133 Harlington Road West (tagging not shown here needs to be treated as offensive):

Not Graffiti but the following at the bus stop, outside 213 Staines Road, is tagging:

I always like a happy face but I still think that the following outside 379 Staines Road is worth removing:

The next was on the bin outside Londis (Baber Bridge Parade, Hounslow Road):

The next is in Mill Way (near number 2):

The following is next to 26 Hatton Green:

The following is opposite 44 Viola Avenue:

There was also similar tagging on the utility box in this street near the junction with Carlton Avenue.

The following is opposite 83 Beeston Way:

The following is opposite 31 & 33 Beeston Way:

Also, on the bridge in Hounslow Road (over the train track):

Leaves on footway (12/12/09)

December 13, 2009

Here are some of the things I saw:

Hounslow Road

This street needs a good sweep, especially in certain parts.  Here is outside 67:

Here is outside number 80:

Here is outside 139:

Staines Road

Here is between 283 & 285 Staines Road:


I did not visit The Drive personally but that is a street where lots of leaves usually fall.  I did visit Clymping Dene and some parts of the footway need a good sweep.  I will ask for these, along with Hounslow Road & Staines Road to receive attention.