Heston earlier this morning

Before taking my children to see Santa at Harrods this afternoon, I spent the morning in Heston.  Quite a few things to report.  The first was taken outside 26 Almorah Road:

The following is in Almorah Road and near the junction with Broad Walk.

The following was outside 12-20 & 15-23 Almorah Road.  Some branches need to be removed:

Bit of a sweep needed near 1 Adelaide Road:

As I have posted previously, one street in each ward has participated in the Micro-Asphalt pilot.  There appears to have been a very good job in Broad Walk:

Rubbish bags out early near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is in Broad Walk (near the junction with Great West Road) – (i) tagging and (ii) door has come off:

Sweep of leaves needed near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is outside 39 Broad Walk.  Part is already marked out for repair but this area needs to be inspected again, as there are some further defects:

The following is outside 57 Broad Walk – needs to be inspected as it is very bumpy!:

The following defect outside 1 Shenley Road has been marked up for repair:

The door is coming off the following.  It is in Shenley Road (side of 80 Vicarage Farm Road):

The following cracks are outside 54 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 60 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 76 Greencroft Road:

The footway needs the leaves to be removed.  The following is outside 25 Greencroft Road:

The following potholes are outside 40 to 60 Greencroft Road:

Light tagging on the following outside 320 Great West Road:

Finally, the following was dumped outside 346 Great West Road:

Will report on Monday morning.

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3 Responses to “Heston earlier this morning”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , in nearly all of your photo’s at this time of year the same thing is prominent , LEAVES ,as a Borough why is it that as the last leaf falls we do not have a policy to quickly start to remove as much of the leaves as possible ???, when i take my partner to work in Chertsey ( Surrey ) there street claning vehicles are out in force , but the only time i see this Borough’s vehicles are on a Sunday usually in Tesco’s ( Duke’s Green ) car park , having a break !!!!!

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Also , when are we going to get Litter enforcement officers , or some other title , that have the powers to give fixed penalty notices to people for putting out their rubbish on the public highway ?????

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    Graham, I will ask some questions about how leaves are dealt with at this time of year becaue you are right in that I have seen a number of instances where leaves and rain have created a potentially slippery footway.

    With regards to what is one of my pet hates, I have reported this many times over the years and being able to issue penalty notices is extremely difficult. Another Borough tried to have a blitz but I believe that they came a cropper when challenged in court. My recommendation to residents is to use the eForm on the Hounslow Council website to report bags out early.

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