More from yesterday morning

This was taken outside of 102 Field Road.  Someone could trip over the edge of the crossover so I will ask Highways to inspect:

Here is the carpark outside 42-58 & 60-76.  It is so much better than what it was a couple of years ago or so:

This is outside 73-89 Field Road.  Again, will ask Highways to inspect:

The following tagging is in Field Road (next to 121 Hounslow Road):

Lots of bird mess needs to be washed away outside of 43 Hounslow Road (close to the hotel).  With this being such a large tree, this problem is inevitable but I will ask for the schedule for cleaning this particular piece of footway:

The traffic bollard at Harlington Road West (junction with Hounslow Road) has been knocked over:

Finally, I was really pleased to see the pond in Feltham Park looking so good again!

Will report the above where appropriate.

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  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Feltham pond requires a large amount of lillie’s to be planted , therefore reduceing the amount of light reaching the water , and thus stopping the green look to it’s water , espeacially in the summer

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