Bridge fault near River Crane

I have been contacted about this article.  As the National Rail Enquiries website shows, the impact is serious.  I have not heard of any injuries etc so far and this, as always, remains most important.

If I have any update, I will post it on the blog.

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4 Responses to “Bridge fault near River Crane”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Sad thing about this, Mark, is how badly it has been covered by the supposedly local media.

    Although the collapse happened on Saturday/Sunday, the first most people knew about it was on Monday morning- and even then the information was only sketchy. BBC London, both TV and radio, gave nothing but a mention on morning travel bulletins on Monday, but have not followed the story up nor mentioned it at all on later programmes. And the story you have comes from the Richmond and Twickenham Times- not even our local paper! The Middlesex Chronicle reporter claims a detailed story was on line by 4.00 Monday, but that server problems meant the cached version was not updated.

    Can’t the council do anything to lobby Trinity Mirror to improve the Middlesex Chronicle and Informer, so that we get decent news coverage again of important stories like this? At present, even Hounslow Matters seems to cover more of what’s happening in Feltham than the local press some months.

    As to the railway, it looks like they will be instigating a temporary solution, probably ‘slewing’ the tracks over the old marshalling yards, presumably over a culverted section of the River Crane not needing a bridge. Of course, the affected bridge is also one that would play an important part in the projected Railtrack development, and the tunnel underneath, known locally as the Forty Acre tunnel, is well used by dog walkers and other residents of your ward, so any info you can find out would be gratefully received.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Sorry, I meant Airtrack, of course, not Railtrack!

  3. Danny Walsh Says:

    Hello Mark,

    I am one of the formentioned dog walkers that regularly use the Forty Acre tunnel to get through from the Sparrow Farm estate. A couple of weeks before the bridge collapse I took a camera shot of a man-made dam consisting of very long branches that was placed against the wall of the bridge (leaves and debris have naturally been adding to it). It was holding the water back very efficiently. With hind-sight I should have contacted SWT and informed them of it. I did imagine that once a downpour would occur like the one we had on Friday that it would have just washed the dam away.

    I do feel sorry for the passengers on the ‘replacement bus service’ buses especially when I see them stuck in traffic. I’m guessing that their usual journeys are now taking an hour longer. It’s certainly not nice coming up to what I regard as the busiest time of the year.

    My worry now is that a new rail-crossing over the River Crane will not consist of a walkway under it. It’s a great cut-through to get to Crane Park where my dog occasionally meets her brother.

    Best regards….Danny Walsh

  4. paul batchelor Says:

    Danny do you have a copy of the photo -is it dated?

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