Well done Ladies!

I thought that Baroness Warsi & Bonnie Greer did very well on Question Time.  I am not surprised by the former but in the past I have not always enjoyed the contributions of latter.  Both were excellent this evening.

Overall, a very bad night for the BNP.  Too many people getting excited in the audience at times (ie excessive clapping) and ganging up at other times but their Leader would have put off some of those who had voted BNP in recent times.

I was pleased to see a good friend – Hasan Ali Imam – in the audience.  Nathaniel Ikeazor, whom I met in person at the recent Conservative Party Conference, also made a brilliant contribution from the audience.  He, and Baroness Warsi, did not let Labour off the hook.

Overall, I am very pleased with how it went.

Update: James Cleverley AM, makes some sensible points.

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