Meadowbank Gardens, Cranford

I met up with some residents from the above street yesterday.  The street has recently been resurfaced using the Micro-Asphalt method.    When I drove into the street off Clevedon Gardens, it looks good.

What a majority of the street needs more than anything else is a good sweep as there are lots of loose chippings in part.

Here are some pictures.  The first is taken near numbers 112 to 116:


The following manhole cover outside 104 has been covered.  This surely must be a mistake?


I noticed that the following bollard had been marked out outside 110.  I will ask by when it will be repaired?


Here is me with a few residents looking at the carraigeway:

IMAGE_682I will report this to the relevant team.

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2 Responses to “Meadowbank Gardens, Cranford”

  1. Kulbir Thind Says:

    Thanks for coming to visit us Mark, we really appreciate you taking the time out to come and visit us.

    I would like the council to inspect the quality of the work and to publish the specification they are working to. The work is extremely bad quality and the contractors should be asked to come back to rectify the work. I would be surprised if this met the criteria. Whilst the sweep will clear away the loose chippings it will not make the surface itself better as it is uneven in most places and is already cracking. It is not a smooth finish at all and surely that must be part of the specification.

    I think the next step is for the council to send someone to see us, making an appointment at a time that is convenient to all (much like what you did).

    Thanks for flagging this.

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , covering up manhole’s seems to be the in thing with this type of re-surfacing , outside 62 Shaftesbury Ave , the same thing happened , reported it to the Council , received reply that it would be passed on to the contractors , yet it’s still covered up , perhaps someone from the relevant dept should be on site when this work is carried out ????

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