Manchester Conference so far

First time here and what a lovely city.  Last night, I went to Old Trafford for a drinks reception (only water for me as I do not like Champagne).  It is a massive stadium and I took a few pics which I will put on the blog later in the week.  PoliticsHome talked about a massive polling exercise that they had carried out in various constituencies.  They predict that I was narrowly fail to win Feltham & Heston next year.  This demonstrates two things – (1) I need to prove people wrong and (2) whatever polls say, Feltham & Heston will be very close indeed.

I am hoping to meet up with Rene Kinzett tonight.  He and I have gone in opposite directions – he was born in Feltham and is now a Councillor in Swansea.  I was born in neighbouring Llanelli and, of course, Feltham is my home.  He is a former Lib-Dem and I was in the Labour Party in my youth.  I look forward to see him, especially as he continues to take a big interest in Feltham.

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