Walk to surgery earlier today

On my way to the joint surgery with Tony Arbour, I took a couple of problems.  First one is some tagging on the signage in Feltham Park (by the alley at the end of Helen Avenue):


And, I will find out what can be done about the following graffiti in the alleyway from Helen Avenue to New Road:



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2 Responses to “Walk to surgery earlier today”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    There is no alleyway from Helen Avenue to New Road, Mark. There is an alleyway between Helen Avenue and the park and thence to the Glebelands, but not directly to New Road, really. Most people would regard that alleyway purely as leading to the park or the Glebelands.

    Sorry if this sounds pedantic, but the Glebelands have been marginalised enough in recent years- though it has to be said the nature reserve that they have effectively become alongside the path you refer to is quite pleasant. It would have been nice to see you as a resident of that very area giving them a mention; they were once a very prominent part of Feltham life, quite apart from the arena, they were the home of the Carnival, other fairs occasionally, and of circuses before they became politically incorrect.

    In fact, I’d love to know what, apart from the new Feltham football club, the council plan to do about the Glebelands and, particularly, the area alongside the Longford River, which looked in a very sorry state the last time I walked along it.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      We will have to agree to use different descriptions as I have used mine a number of times and, most importantly, secured improvements over the years.

      I am the last who would wish to marginalise the Glebelands or any part of my ward. It has been a while since I asked about the river but I do recall the National Rivers Authority being one of the Stakeholders.

      I will give this one some thought and try and get some time to take a look at the current state. Thanks for pointing this out.

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