Sutton Lane and Osborne Road

The first picture was taken on Sutton Lane (in between the Great West Road and Prospect Close):


I will ask if anything can be done about the graffiti?

The following bin is damaged on the junction of Wellington Road North and Osborne Road:


I will ask for the bin to be repaired/replaced.

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2 Responses to “Sutton Lane and Osborne Road”

  1. Paul Dais Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Did you not notice the eletronic slow down road signs that obviously cost a bit of money but are redundant because they have swivelled 45 degrees and hence don’t work?

    I’ve reported these numerous times but no action has been taken or response made.

    Hope you can look into it so drivers can be warned about their speeding.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:


    Thank you for this and sorry for the delay in getting onto this one. I have reported it today.


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