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John Randall MP

October 27, 2009

John Randall MP, Member for Uxbridge, attended the Feltham & Heston Trafalgar Dinner last week.  It was good to chat with him because he gave me a lot of good advice.  He is truly an Uxbridge man and I hope I can be a success and one day be seen as a Feltham & Heston man:


And, here is John giving a brilliant speech to the 50 or so people who attended:


And,  here is John and I talking with my friend Paul Bedi and his wife:


A really super night!

More reflection on Question Time

October 26, 2009

Why oh why was the format changed so much?  If the Complaint made is not upheld, as it pertains to the change of format, I would be surprised.  No-one should play into the hands of the BNP like this.

Notwithstanding the above, I still feel relief from the performances of Baroness Warsi and Bonnie Greer.



Feltham Airparcs

October 26, 2009

With my mother, took the kids to the Airparcs on Sunday.  Works have clearly started and it is always appreciated by when an operation can continue when there are works such as these taking place.  The carpark is understandably much reduced but I had no problem getting a space:


A different route is required for entering the building with works currently taking place at the entrance:


A new path has been laid at the rear:



Here is a view of the front from the inside:


A poster advertising the works:


A view of the front from another angle.


No problems to report as such but glad to see such investment in the future of these facilities.

Well done Ladies!

October 22, 2009

I thought that Baroness Warsi & Bonnie Greer did very well on Question Time.  I am not surprised by the former but in the past I have not always enjoyed the contributions of latter.  Both were excellent this evening.

Overall, a very bad night for the BNP.  Too many people getting excited in the audience at times (ie excessive clapping) and ganging up at other times but their Leader would have put off some of those who had voted BNP in recent times.

I was pleased to see a good friend – Hasan Ali Imam – in the audience.  Nathaniel Ikeazor, whom I met in person at the recent Conservative Party Conference, also made a brilliant contribution from the audience.  He, and Baroness Warsi, did not let Labour off the hook.

Overall, I am very pleased with how it went.

Update: James Cleverley AM, makes some sensible points.

Major improvements in Park Lane, Cranford

October 21, 2009

Last Saturday morning, I was in Cranford, as previous postings mentioned.  I also went to Park Lane and was thrilled at the standard of some of the environmental works in this street (edge of Avenue Park).  I had previously posted about problems of flytipping etc.





I am hugely proud when I see success such as this for it proves that this administration at the London Borough of Hounslow governs and works for all areas with equal vigour.  The results in 2006 were quite polarised geographically.  We [Conservatives] dominated in areas such as Chiswick, Osterley and, to a lesser extent, in Feltham.  Other parts of the Borough, such as Hounslow, Cranford & Heston have not lost out since.  Council Tax has been kept down for all and the parks throughout the  Borough are better than in a generation.

Look out in High Street, Cranford

October 18, 2009

An interesting feature.  My friend, Shafick, is standing in front of it:


Meadowbank Gardens, Cranford

October 18, 2009

I met up with some residents from the above street yesterday.  The street has recently been resurfaced using the Micro-Asphalt method.    When I drove into the street off Clevedon Gardens, it looks good.

What a majority of the street needs more than anything else is a good sweep as there are lots of loose chippings in part.

Here are some pictures.  The first is taken near numbers 112 to 116:


The following manhole cover outside 104 has been covered.  This surely must be a mistake?


I noticed that the following bollard had been marked out outside 110.  I will ask by when it will be repaired?


Here is me with a few residents looking at the carraigeway:

IMAGE_682I will report this to the relevant team.

Question Time

October 15, 2009

Like the author of this article, I reluctantly agree that it is right to allow the Leader of the BNP representative to appear on Question Time.  He may have been elected as an MEP via an unfair electoral system but elected he was nonetheless.  The question of the article is who should the Conservatives put up?  My initial choice was David Davis but I also think that the likes of William Hague, James Cleverly, James Brokenshire, Baroness Warsi & Chris Heaton-Harris would do a good job.

If there is one point that the Conservative on the panel should press, beyond the advice given by Conservative Home, is that we are only in this position of having to give the BNP such a platform because Labour have completely cocked things up over controlling immigration and by creating such a sense of resentment and frustration amongst a number of white working class people (and some lower middle class people too) in some parts of the country, especially through the way that New Labour behaved between 1997 & 2001 towards anyone who expressed concern about the scale of immigration into this country [remember their frequent references to other playing the ‘Race Card’].

My friend and colleague, Phil Andrews, takes a different view to me on this but he does make a fair point about the format of Question Time.  He said:

“the argument that Griffin is being allowed onto this programme so that others can discredit his arguments frankly doesn’t wash, the format of the programme will not permit this to happen and the more likely outcome of this new fascist-friendly strategy, which the BBC would appear to be spearheading, is that people will start to view the BNP as just another mainstream party with a valid, if controversial political platform.”

I share his concern about the format of the programme.  However, the Leader of the BNP is an elected politician and I understand the difficult position of the BBC.  Had I been in the Labour Party, I would have chosen to put up John Reid or Frank Field.

As Tim Montgomerie says on his posting, panellists should avoid being seen to gang up on the Leader of the BNP but for those of us who are passionate about good race relations in this country, I hope that they really expose him and his party.

Update: Baroness Warsi will be representing the Conservatives on the panel – a good choice!

Last Saturday in Hounslow West and Heston

October 12, 2009

Last Saturday morning, I saw the following opposite 3c Martindale Road, Hounslow:


Still no change in Dawn Close (junction with Martindale Road):


On 1 October, I received the following update:
“Photo no 3 it is an electrical feeder pillar with no identification on the cabinet. We have forwarded this to our Street Works Manager to establish the ownership of the this apparatus.  Once the ownwership is established we shall forward it to the relevant Statutory Authority for necessary action.”

The following was in Heston Road near the entrance to St Leonard’s Church.  It looks like there was once a bin but now only the remains of that bin and some litter.  Will see if this can be replaced?


Back where I belong

October 9, 2009

I had a great conference and, as indicated in previous postings, I really loved Manchester.  But it is great to be back in Feltham North with my family.

Here are some pics from the Conference.  The following view of Old Trafford was not far from my hotel:


Here is a statue of Sir Matt Busby.  I took this on my to the first Fringe event:


The famous Munich clock:


Here is Tim Montgomerie addressing that ConservativeHome fringe meeting:


Not in focus but here is me looking out onto the pitch at Old Trafford:


This was the Kids Count fringe that I mentioned the other day:


The following was a meeting of all candidates with the Chief Whip:


Outside the GMEX on a very rainy day (I got soaked):


Here is Damien Green MP and I.  I am showing him that front page article in the Feltham Chronicle:


Me being given advanced preview of the video that was filmed in our Borough:


A view I had in the Conference Hall on Wednesday morning:



The Journalist, Quentin Letts from Mail, holding a bottle of Champagne.  I wonder why?


And, finally, here is my view of the speech – not possible to get into the main hall: