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Parade(s) at Harlington Road West

September 17, 2009

A lot of work has been going on at the above and I took some pictures last week.  I think that the outcome will be a good one – it will *look* better than before – and I would never decry investment in Feltham North but I do not recall the previous surface to be dangerous etc.  I just wonder whether this is appropriate in the current economic climate?  As always, interested in what others think?






I look forward to seeing this when completed.

John Hartson

September 15, 2009

Over the weekend, I was told about the following interview that John Hartson recently gave to HTV Wales:

I read that he has lost 4 stone over the past couple of months.  He has really had a tough time.  His key message at the end is well worth stressing – look after yourself and anything different “down there”, go and see your GP.

Lets hope that John continues to get better.  I thought that he looked well considering what he has been through.

Keith Floyd RIP

September 15, 2009

My favourite TV Chef passed away today.  I have missed watching him on TV over the past few years as he is really the only Chef I enjoy (though Levi Roots is someone else I like).  His enthusiasm for fish and meat always came through.

I loved the following and glad that it remains on Youtube.  Anyone who enjoyed his programmes will love it end to end:

Executive Meeting on 8 September

September 13, 2009

Quite a long agenda after a month off from these meetings.  Some headlines:

NI 195d of this report should be headline news.  It is the first time – possibly since this indicator was ever created – that the status is green.  For me, this shows the huge impact that there has been on graffiti removal over the past year.

I moved an amendment to agenda item 10.  The amendment is included on the above agenda.  Whilst the decision is ultimately with TfL, I really hope that we can get a zebra crossing at Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School.  I will post further on the blog when we know.  We will certainly now be bidding for the money and I was very grateful to my colleague, Barbara Reid, for accepting my amendment.  Feltham West Councillor, Barbara Harris, has been concerned about this safety issue for a while.

Faggs Road and Green Man Lane on 11 September

September 13, 2009

I noticed that the following parking metres were covered and I will ask why?


Always pleased to see overgrowth being cut back from the footway:


And some tagging that I will need to report next to the billboard poster:


Green Man Lane and Heron Way yesterday

September 8, 2009

I was walking down the above yesterday and noticed the following.  First was fly tipping next to the end house in Green Man Lane (either 24 or 26) – needs to be removed and the fence needs to be repaired:


The following is fly tipping opposite number 14


The following is fly tipping in Heron Way (opposite the exit to Spaceways):


Quick visit to Carlton Avenue and Sparrow Farm Drive

September 7, 2009

The first two of the pictures are next to 2 Carlton Avenue.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed:



The following is at the side of 44 Carlton Avenue.  I will ask for this – and similar outside 24 – to be removed.  44 has already been reported:


The following is outside one of the units at Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive. I will ask Hounslow Homes to remove the tagging and Environment department why the bin is so full:


Very pleased to see the job done on the weeding near 50 to 80 Sparrow Farm Drive:


But the following (between 80 and 82) still not done:


The following overgrowth – previously reported – also not done:


Finally, here are the garages between Denham Road and Chichester Way.  It really is a shame that there has not been more progress in doing something with this site as many of the garages are not used:


Visit to Spaceways on 6 September

September 6, 2009

I am very proud to have this excellent facility in my ward.  I needed to take some things there earlier today and it is very convenient and those working there are very helpful.

There are some things that need to be reported, however.  The first five pictures are by the entrace in Pier Road.  My view is that the overgrowth needs to be removed, coupled with the fly tipping and then a regular schedule of sweeping put in place – I will ask for these things to be done/put in place:





Signs do not have much purpose if covered by overgrowth:


Here is some of the signage but looks like it needs updating.  The first of the three large signs needs figures for 2008.


And finally, I do not believe that the figure for what has been achieved so far this year is correct.  Will ask for all signage to be updated as appropriate:


Back to Bath Road

September 5, 2009

I did not take a similar walk to the recent one but I was keen to see if there had been progress in two areas.  No progress in Dawn Close and I am not thrilled to see the following outside number 269:


I saw the above condition last Wednesday evening and my thought at the time was that the rubbish I previously saw was still there but had furniture added to it.  Here are some more:



I will report the above first thing on Monday morning.  I would not accept this kind of state in Feltham North and do not think it should happen elsewhere either.

The following is refuse out on footway outside Noel Court:


Park off Gresham Road

September 5, 2009

No out and about was planned for me today, which is probably a good thing as I have done my back in.  I was keen, however, to take a brief look at a few things.  The small park off Gresham Road is looking better than I have seen it before, particularly in terms of grass cutting – also pleased to see the new bin (and not full at that):


The following swing needs to be replaced:


The following swing needs to be looked at also:



I will report each of the above.