Lib Dem Conference

I have been watching some of the highlights so far.  I do have respect for any politician that admits the obvious, namely that some extremely serious choices (including reductions) are required.  Not my problem but I think that Mssrs Clegg & Cable will have a tough time with much of their membership, particularly its membership that are on the left of the party.


  1. Why the blue background on their stage – hmm, let me think about that one?
  2. I have discovered that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter.  She was brilliant on kids tv.

I have told many a Labour voter that my parents are Labour and my favourite people.  Should I be telling Lib Dem supporters that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter and still my favourite kids tv presenter?

Vince Cable’s proposals – referred to some as the ‘Mansion Tax‘ – are not going down well it would appear.

I am, and always have been, impressed at the level of audience participation at Lib Dem Conferences!

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2 Responses to “Lib Dem Conference”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I met Floella Benjamin on a couple of occasions, Mark, when I worked at BBC Radio Sussex, and she’s every bit as nice in “real life” as on TV. Mind you, so was Susan Stranks, best of the Magpie team for sure. And did you know that Tommy Boyd was originally Timmy Boyd, went to Tudor Grammar before it became Feltham Comp, and lived on your patch in Brainton Avenue?

    On serious political matters though, it’s to your credit that you give credit, indeed, and time to one of the other three main parties without feeling the need to automatically slag them off. But wouldn’t Tory fiscal proposals carry a lot more credibility and respect if they came from somebody of the background (as an economics lecturer) gravitas and humility of our neighbouring borough’s MP, Dr Vince Cable? His party as a whole may not have much a chance of ever seeing government, but he’s the best asset your Conservative party haven’t got, I think.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I did not know about Tommy Boyd once living in Feltham North but come to think of it, I always thought that there was something special about him 🙂

    Vince Cable clearly attracts a lot of respect across the political spectrum. You make an interesting point but having seen and listened to George Osborne in the flesh, I really believe he will have the steel to make the tough decisions if we have a Conservative Government after the election.

    Of course, there is a world outside of the Conservative Party and I am keen to listen to the ideas of people who do not share all of my views. Denzil Davies, a former Labour MP in Wales, was the first politician I really looked up to.

    Whilst I think that the biggest failure of Labour has been on controlling immigration, I think that they worst decision from a politician and national point of view, was to not give Frank Field the chance to reform welfare.

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