Feltham Park yesterday

The kids and I went over the park yesterday afternoon and I am not certain that the park has looked this good in all my time I have lived in Feltham.  Here are some pictures:


The pond is getting better but it is not cracked yet!


There is some tagging on the young childrens’ play equipment – this picture was the least offensive.  Such is the nature of the tagging, I will be asking for this to be removed as a matter of urgency.  What kind of sick mind tags sexual references on the equipment used by the most innocent?  It really does make me very angry.


The following piece has been added – I previously reported it and posted a picture of it being missing:


The rear of the Assembly Halls looks ok and the grass is being very well maintained:


Some new swings for the younger children:


I will ask for the graffiti in the alley between Helen Avenue and the park to be removed:


I will always report issues and problems but very keen to acknowledge what I believe are recent and major improvements in Feltham Park.


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Nice to see the park looking nicer, Mark, but I was a bit concerned to see some of the shrubbery along the Hounslow Road frontage being trimmed back somewhat excessively, or so it looked to me, by Continental Landscapes last week. I hope they don’t chop back the beautiful berry-bearing bushes in front of the old bowling green. Those are a delight to behold; they look like blueberries to me, but I’m sure they would all have been picked and eaten by now if they were.

    However, I’m surprised you didn’t notice, photograph or report the very badly bent “No Waiting” sign on the east side of Hounslow Road, near Cambria Court, It is bent down nearly to the ground, presumably after being hit, and is a definite hazard to passing pedestrians.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      I actually noticed the sign yesterday but was driving and therefore unable to take a picture. This has been reported and the reference number is 1058155.

      I will ask Continental to let me know their comments in response to your feedback.

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