Faggs Road and Green Man Lane on 11 September

I noticed that the following parking metres were covered and I will ask why?


Always pleased to see overgrowth being cut back from the footway:


And some tagging that I will need to report next to the billboard poster:


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3 Responses to “Faggs Road and Green Man Lane on 11 September”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , it would be nice if this strech of road didn’t flood every time it rains , most of the drains in this area are full of leaves , and the lighting further on towards Hatton cross has been out for at least three plus weeks , have reported it but nothing has been done yet ..

  2. Paul Davis Says:

    Hi Mark,

    The parking meters are being phased out and replace with ticket machines. Judging by the process that took place outside a parade of shops on the Staines Road, Hounslow the meters are covered some weeks before the machine is installed.

  3. Tim Dowling Says:

    Reference 1056774
    Dear Councillor Bowen,
    All parking meters of this type have been withdrawn from service to prevent on-going thefts. Depending on location, banks of meters have been replaced with a pay and display ticket machine. At this location in the Hatton Cross CPZ the meters will be removed and a post with sign instructing motorists to “Pay at machine opposite and display ticket” will be erected. The proposed time scale for this is within the next 4 weeks.

    Tim Dowling
    Team Leader
    Parking Operational Support
    London Borough of Hounslow

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