Quick visit to Carlton Avenue and Sparrow Farm Drive

The first two of the pictures are next to 2 Carlton Avenue.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed:



The following is at the side of 44 Carlton Avenue.  I will ask for this – and similar outside 24 – to be removed.  44 has already been reported:


The following is outside one of the units at Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive. I will ask Hounslow Homes to remove the tagging and Environment department why the bin is so full:


Very pleased to see the job done on the weeding near 50 to 80 Sparrow Farm Drive:


But the following (between 80 and 82) still not done:


The following overgrowth – previously reported – also not done:


Finally, here are the garages between Denham Road and Chichester Way.  It really is a shame that there has not been more progress in doing something with this site as many of the garages are not used:


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2 Responses to “Quick visit to Carlton Avenue and Sparrow Farm Drive”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thanks for your response on this, Mark, though I haven’t seen any evidence yet of it being cleared on the property I know best on this road. There hasn’t previously been much of a problem with graffiti down here, but then neither have I seen any evidence of PCSOs for ages, and only a raging patrol car on blues and twos during school run this morning.

    Carlton Avenue’s current menace though is as much aural as visual. Can nothing be done about teenager scooterists running up and down the road with no thought or consideration on their noisy two stroke machines, seemingly wanting to “dare” to race between the speed humps? There must surely be something the law can do about this- I think these are often the same culprits that make such a noise with illegal scrambling on the Heath, though on larger motorcycles.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Top marks to Graffiti Solutions: the graffiti at 44 Carlton Avenu was removed yesterday, and you wouldn’t even know it had been there. though there was more of it, and harder to remove, I think they’ve also done the fence on the corner of the road.

    Having said that, I wonder if the council are not helping matters, effectively, by its own “graffiti” on the tarmaced pavement at the junction of Sparrow Farm Drive and Carlton Avenue? There is a very prominent anti-dog fouling transfer in yellow paint, something like “Clean it up” with a graphic of a dog, sprayed directly on the footway surface!

    Good idea for a deterrent to another form of anti-social behaviour, very poor way of delivering it! Isn’t this just an invitation to teenaged would-be Banksies? Wouldn’t a plastic sign mounted half way up the adjoining “Sparrow Farm Drive” street sign on this corner have done the job much better? Dog’s can’t read, people can!

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