Visit to Spaceways on 6 September

I am very proud to have this excellent facility in my ward.  I needed to take some things there earlier today and it is very convenient and those working there are very helpful.

There are some things that need to be reported, however.  The first five pictures are by the entrace in Pier Road.  My view is that the overgrowth needs to be removed, coupled with the fly tipping and then a regular schedule of sweeping put in place – I will ask for these things to be done/put in place:





Signs do not have much purpose if covered by overgrowth:


Here is some of the signage but looks like it needs updating.  The first of the three large signs needs figures for 2008.


And finally, I do not believe that the figure for what has been achieved so far this year is correct.  Will ask for all signage to be updated as appropriate:



One Response to “Visit to Spaceways on 6 September”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I agree with you Mark that our Civic Amenity Site on the North Feltham Trading Estate, as these facilities used to be rather officiously called, is excellent and something to be proud of. I think local residents might make more use of it, however, if there was less of a traffic queue to do so, even with some of the best opening hours year round of any municipal ‘dump’.

    However, I don’t wish to be pedantic, but unless somebody in the council has changed the name of some local roads without telling anybody, the road it is located in is known as Space Waye (spelling correct) not Spaceways, and always has been.

    I’m not sure exactly how the original name came about, but I seem to recall it might have had something to do with a firm called Space Models that used to be located there. I think they manufactured futuristic props for the film industry at one stage. Slough Trading Estate (as you’ll know, the Slough Estates Group own most of the freehold of the trading estate, despite the borough’s own prominent signs) may have once been the home of Thunderbirds, but Feltham’s estate had an equally valid claim to fame!

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