Back to Bath Road

I did not take a similar walk to the recent one but I was keen to see if there had been progress in two areas.  No progress in Dawn Close and I am not thrilled to see the following outside number 269:


I saw the above condition last Wednesday evening and my thought at the time was that the rubbish I previously saw was still there but had furniture added to it.  Here are some more:



I will report the above first thing on Monday morning.  I would not accept this kind of state in Feltham North and do not think it should happen elsewhere either.

The following is refuse out on footway outside Noel Court:



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  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Councillor Bowen , did the Council put up sign’s around the Borough telling people that if they put out their rubbish before the collection date , that they could be fined up to £110 ???? , has anyone ever been fined since these signs were put up ??? , would it not be an idea to start some kind ofEnviormental Health Warden ??? , as we all know , this Borough is plagued with people just dumping their rubbish where ever they like , it might even be self fundind with the amount of rubbish being dumped …

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