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Labour Party Conference

September 27, 2009

Just before the Prime Minister took part in a Q&A session earlier today, he gave a small speech.  Unlike those sitting behind him, I found it amusing.

This motion should be interesting tomorrow.  I would not have expected this to have been accepted as previous Labour Party Conferences have been so managed.

Meeting great people over the weekend

September 27, 2009

Earlier this morning, I addressed the congregation at the Havelock Road Gudwara.  It was my first time there and it truly is a stunning building – it even has underground parking.  I was given a lovely welcome and I was very impressed by many of the activities taking place there outside of the Halls.

Last night, my family and I attended the Celebration of Nepalese Festival (Dashain).  Again, we were given a wonderful welcome and I was able to take pictures (I did not think doing so was appropriate in the Gudwara for me to do so).

There were lots of people present and the gentleman sitting next to the Mayor is the Nepalese Ambassador:



The Mayor gave a typically brilliant addressed which went down really well with everyone.  The fact the Union Flag is displayed with pride should tell us much about the Gurkhas.


The following was a presentation to a number of people who have achieved something significant.  I know that the young gentleman receiving a certificate in the picture below lives in my ward so I was especially pleased for him:


We also received a Tai Kwondo display, which my son really enjoyed:


I am really proud of the following picture with Tul Bahadur Pun VC and his wife.  Mr Pun, just like Lachhiman Gurung VC who was also present last night, is a hero for so many people and clearly one of the bravest we have living in the  Borough.  When my children are older, I hope that they understand how honoured they should be to have been near him last night:


Works in Harlington Road West almost finished

September 27, 2009

I think that the works look very nice and as long as it is impossible for vehicles to mount this area (I think it is), then this will look nice for a good while.  My previous questions remain however:



Interested in what others think?

Bedfont Car Park

September 27, 2009

Reported recently – and posted picture via the blog – and was pleased to see defects already marked out for repair:




End of Lib Dem Conference

September 23, 2009

I am not a Lib Dem but as I have previously said I think that they are at their best at this time of year when they discuss policy and their delegates are given lots of great opportunities for participation.

Where I do believe that they have been mistaken this week (apart from some policies) is the excessively personal way in which they are having a pop at opponents.  Here is one example.  Here is another response.

Apart from not being pleasant, I do not think that the electorate appreciate this kind of politics.

Lib Dem Conference

September 21, 2009

I have been watching some of the highlights so far.  I do have respect for any politician that admits the obvious, namely that some extremely serious choices (including reductions) are required.  Not my problem but I think that Mssrs Clegg & Cable will have a tough time with much of their membership, particularly its membership that are on the left of the party.


  1. Why the blue background on their stage – hmm, let me think about that one?
  2. I have discovered that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter.  She was brilliant on kids tv.

I have told many a Labour voter that my parents are Labour and my favourite people.  Should I be telling Lib Dem supporters that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter and still my favourite kids tv presenter?

Vince Cable’s proposals – referred to some as the ‘Mansion Tax‘ – are not going down well it would appear.

I am, and always have been, impressed at the level of audience participation at Lib Dem Conferences!

Car park in Bedfont

September 21, 2009

I noticed the following on the junction of Staines Road and Bethany Waye earlier:


It is on one of the spaces so will not be seen if a car is parked over it.  Will report this in the morning.

Feltham Airparcs earlier today

September 20, 2009

Took the kids for a swim and took a look to see that previously reported problems had been removed as problems and glad to say that the bins are no longer overflowing:


No idea why a sofa is there – will report it.

And, the following sign at the entrance is worth flagging – yet another example of this administration turning things around in this Borough:


Feltham Park yesterday

September 20, 2009

The kids and I went over the park yesterday afternoon and I am not certain that the park has looked this good in all my time I have lived in Feltham.  Here are some pictures:


The pond is getting better but it is not cracked yet!


There is some tagging on the young childrens’ play equipment – this picture was the least offensive.  Such is the nature of the tagging, I will be asking for this to be removed as a matter of urgency.  What kind of sick mind tags sexual references on the equipment used by the most innocent?  It really does make me very angry.


The following piece has been added – I previously reported it and posted a picture of it being missing:


The rear of the Assembly Halls looks ok and the grass is being very well maintained:


Some new swings for the younger children:


I will ask for the graffiti in the alley between Helen Avenue and the park to be removed:


I will always report issues and problems but very keen to acknowledge what I believe are recent and major improvements in Feltham Park.

An evening with my friend Gurcharan

September 17, 2009

Gurcharan Singh is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Ealing Southall and every now and then he and I meet up for a chat to see how things are going.  It was his turn to host last night and we met for a drink at the Southall Conservative Club.  He and I have quite a bit in common, such as:

  • We have two daughters and one son;
  • We are ex-Labour (though I crossed over a long time ago);
  • Both Councillors (me since 2002 and he since 1982);
  • We like a pint of Real Ale.


Ealing Southall is not seen by some as a target seat but I think that they are wrong and that this is one to watch such is the local profile of Gurcharan.  It is very clear to me how popular he is in his Lady Margaret ward and beyond!