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Leaves in The Drive

August 11, 2009

I noticed the following in The Drive (and think I recall the same, but less of, in Durham Road):



I do not think that these leaves were fresh and will ask by when they will be cleared and why they have not been thus far.

Sloping post in Bethany Waye

August 10, 2009


The above was taken near the carpark on Bethany Waye (junction with Staines Road).  Will ask for this to be repaired.

More from Sparrow Farm last Saturday

August 10, 2009

I  overlooked the following from last weekend.  Here is the bin at Central Parade – I will report the tagging:


Some tagging on one of the empty units:


Likewise for the phonebox:


The following was taken at the side of Central Parade (near the entrance to the flats):



I will ask for Highways to take a look at repairing the defects.

Owen House

August 10, 2009

I am very lucky that the two Sheltered Homes in my ward – Lavender Court & Owen House – are of a good standard and they both have some lovely tenants.  I was at the latter earlier this evening.

One of the reasons for visiting yesterday evening was that there had been some recycling collection problems.  On the whole, it looked in good shape but one tenant was concerned that one bin for papers and magazines was enough for all 40 or so addresses there?  I will ask for this to be looked into.


One of the bins was a bit disjointed:


I noticed that a lot of the patio areas need urgent attention in terms of the amount of weeds.  Again, I will report this matter.



At the entrace, I took the following at 6:50pm.  Two queries here – (i) why was the light on at this time and (ii) how effective is this light going to be when required with it being within the tree?



I will ask streetlighting to look into this and for them and the Estate Manager to ensure that any work does not cause any issues for the tenants e.g. light getting into bedroom etc.

Latest on HMOs

August 10, 2009

Just seen this.

The Government is right to try and address this issue.  It is wrong to focus entirely on the studentification of areas.

The loss of loads of family dwellings to HMOs has consequences for areas like Feltham & Heston also.

Airtrack depot & Ashford/St Peter’s Foundation Status

August 10, 2009

This was discussed at the West Area Meeting last Thursday.  It was good to see a number of residents present, four of whom spoke and spoke really well and gave reasons for such a development is not appropriate.  This matter will not be determined by the Council but I do urge anyone with comment to feed them back.  I hope that the Council will set up a page on the website and will chase this.

The next day, this item was front page news.  I agree with what Alan Keen says.  I wish him well in anything he can do with the Secretary of State and very much hope that he raises this matter, when he can, on the floor of the House of Commons.

We later discussed the ambition for Ashford/St Peter’s to become a Foundation.  Very interesting.

One of the more interesting Area Committee meetings for me.

Hayling Avenue

August 9, 2009

After Church, I went to see a couple of people and picked up a couple of things on the street.  The first one is outside 14 Hayling Avenue and I will ask for the tagging to be removed:


And this was outside 19 Hayling Avenue:


St Dunstan’s

August 9, 2009

First time that the family and I have been to my Parish Church in a while.  Before I went in, I noticed the streetlight (number 6) switched on outside 35 St Dunstan’s Road:


After the service, I took the kids to the park, and the park reallylooks excellent.  Only picked up the signage at the entrance that needs updating or, if not, the tagging removed:


Sparrow Farm Estate last Saturday

August 9, 2009

Been a lovely weekend, which is good but hard going when delivering leaflets.  As always, picked up a few things.  This first one was opposite 132 Cygnet Avenue and I will ask that this tagging be removed:


The following was taken by 159 Sparrow Farm Drive and the overgrowth needs to be cut back.  I will ask for this to be done and for the alley at the rear of 163 to 189 etc to be looked at also:


The nearest house to the following is 80 Sparrow Farm Drive.  I will ask for the overgrowth to be removed from and within the drain:


And, I took a look at the carpark between numbers 50 to 80 Sparrow Farm Drive.  It would be good if all the weeds at the edges could be removed:


Staines Road, Feltham earlier this evening

August 4, 2009

The bin outside the shop (near junction with Cassiobury Avenue) was very full.  The same applied for the bin near the junction with Shaftesbury Avenue.  I managed to get a picture:


I will ask how this could have happened and when the two bins were last emptied?