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The news about Feltham Community School and its GCSE results is brilliant.  The Head Teacher at this school has impressed a lot of people with her very clear commitment to turnaround and the highest academic and personal standards.  Well done to everyone and those young people have done well throughout the Borough.

I have not yet read a hard copy of the Chronicle but am aware of the latest on the FCA Building.  There are two people I wish to speak with, both of whom are on leave but there are two things that I find odd about the article:

a) No reference to the word “temporary” in the article and this word is important – see the actual application.

b) The claim that the plans for a skills centre have fallen by the wayside.  We have had bad news that we cannot proceed now but that does not mean that this location cannot be used for this purpose in the future.

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2 Responses to “Two articles in the Chronicle”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Nice to see you back on the blog, Mark, and can only agree with you about Feltham Community College’s results. Although my own A level results 32 years ago were disappointing, I feel those results were partly due to very poor provision for brighter pupils in the 70s. These stunning results only stand to emphasise how far the college has come on since then, and the head teacher and her staff deserve all the plaudits they get. Not to mention the pupils, of course; isn’ this a week for youth achievement!

    As to the more controversial topic of today’s post, regardless of what the Chronicle prints, there is an issue here on which you again fail to reflect the majority local opinion. Our local rag- a sad shadow of its former self- often prints stories of late that are often inaccurate- but that doesn’t mean we’d want to see the 150-year old Middlesex Chronicle closed. A story last week on Holy Communion and swine flu failed to make the distinction between Anglican and Methodist practices- Methodism uses individual communion cups. But the errors are due to over-worked, under-resourced reporters, not something inherently rotten in local news.

    So it is with the story about the FCA building. Pray tell, Councillor Bowen, how a demolition could ever be “temporary”- regardless of the intended use in the meantime?

    You are way out of touch with local opinion on this which, frankly, is seething. It does make my blood boil to read your vehement defence of a skills centre, at some point, on that site. You fail to adequately answer the case for a similar building being constructed- demolishing the old De Brome school if necessary, which unlike the FCA building would be little mourned.

    Please see sense, reason and have a heart for heritage.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I certainly would not like to see the end of the Chronicle or any other local newspaper either.

    I did not say that the demolition is temporary but the latest concern is about the usage. I agree that a carpark is nothing to get excited about but, as per the planning application, that usage is temporary.

    As for why I think that this site is appropriate for a Skills Centre, I believe that a High Street Location can really increase the profile of Skills Training in our area in a way that the current site at De Brome cannot. My view, more generally, is that High Streets can and should have a more prominent role in the provision of education and learning.

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