Nursery Close/Fern Grove Estate Inspection yesterday

First time I have attended one of these formal inspections in ages.  On the whole, and as reported on this blog weeks ago, the estate is looking very good.  As always in any area, a selection of some things that need to be tackled.  The first, and thankfully the only example seen on the estate, of black bags being split open:


Some damp on the tiles next to numbers 3 & 11 Nursery Close:


The Notice Board in Nursery Close still has content that is very out of date.  I cannot recall the reason I was previously given?


The following was at the rear and side of number 2 Nursery Close.  At a minimum, the weeds need to be removed:


Some of the rear communal gardens were really looking lovely:


The following sign in Fern Grove needs to be tidied up or replaced:


The Estate Monitoring Officers and Technical Inspectors who were with us would have already taken this down and reported to the relevant people so I do not need to report any of the above.

I have never known there to be such a lack of parking in Nursery Close in all my time as a Councillor, though this is clearly a daytime issue.  There was some concern expressed to me about certain corners in Nursery Close and the need for double yellow lines.  I know that a scheme has already been drafted but I hope that this can be discussed at the next tenant and residents meeting for this estate.  I will ask for this to be arranged.

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One Response to “Nursery Close/Fern Grove Estate Inspection yesterday”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Re: Out of date notice boards. This is not an issue confined to the Nursery Close estate. All over Feltham are numerous borough notice boards which are at least seven years out of date. Unless it’s been taken down since I last walked past there, n.b. especially the “Feltham Matters” sign on The Green (by the old horse trough now converted to a flower planter). There is a similar sign outside the Social Services office in Hanworth Road (Feltham).
    Both these signs give information about borough services which was superseded years ago and is therefore totally misleading, particularly to newcomers to the area. Just for example, it shows the old location of Feltham Library, at a time when it was providing a “one stop” facility for information on council services. Clearly, in the post-directly run, post-CIP era, this is no longer applicable.

    There are also a number of rather sad looking noticeboards, such as the one on the grass verge between the Viola Avenue/Carlton Avenue service roads and Hounslow Road, which seem to serve little purpose as they are rarely updated.

    Where is the point in having costly new signage at the Continental Landscapes-managed facilities such as The Green, when ancient signage like this is still in place.

    Having said that, there is one excellent piece of conservation work in the “West Area” [sic] which has gone unsung. I wonder if you are aware of the wonderful wooden replica of the old “Urban District of Feltham” municipal noticeboard which appeared on the north side of Bedfont Green within the last couple of years. It’s a pity that the ponds and paddling pools which once stood here haven’t been restored too, but this is a lovely gesture quite in keeping with the way that the borough has restored so well here a piece of Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont History. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here by some members of the council about how to handle history, heritage and people’s attitude to it…?

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