New carriageway surface in Shaftesbury Avenue

..but not the traditional new type of carriageway surface.   Micro Asphalt has been used.   There is a little more about this solution in section five of this report.

I went to take a quick look earlier this evening (Helen Avenue end).  This is what I saw:




And, whilst I think work is still in progress e.g. one resident informed me that he was informed that people will return to sweep the road etc I will ask about cleaning up the following:


I think that this is a decent way forward for a street that had very little chance of benefitting from planned maintenance under the current formula for allocating such resources.  Other roads in Feltham North that have a very strong case for this in the future, in my view, are Lansbury Avenue, Viola Avenue & Shakespeare Avenue.

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One Response to “New carriageway surface in Shaftesbury Avenue”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I’d seen something about this surface in the official notices in the Chronicle, Mark, but new little about it, and any benefits it had over conventional road surfacing methods. So thank you for some pictorial clarification and the link to the brief description of the technique in the council report. Perhaps, though, this might have been better cut and pasted into your posting?

    I’d certainly agree that Viola Avenue could benefit from this treatment. That road is in urgent need of attention- the pits and potholes at present are a disgrace as I am sure you well know. As well as offering a better ‘ride quality’, can I safely presume it’s also a quieter surface?

    However, still on the subject of roads needing attention, quite a significant pothole has appeared on Hounslow Road, roughly just North of the Hounslow Hotel in the centre of the road. Perhaps you’d like to go and grab a photograph, and report it to Highways? I think this one could potentially be quite damaging to car tyres, let alone larger vehicles and buses.

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